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WordPress Store Locator


Show off your local stores with our WordPress Store Locator plugin. Create or import your stores, create a page embedding the shortcode and start selling offline. Fully customizable, our plugin let you configure what data you want to display and how you want to present it.

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The only WP Store Locator Plugin you need

You can stop searching. If you need a comprehensive store locator plugin for your WordPress website, then you should get ours. The key benefits why you should get our plugin:

  • Integrated Excel im- and export
  • CF7 contact store forms
  • Single store pages
  • Search for store teaser shortcode
  • Unlimited options & styling

store locator map with shops

Help Consumers find your store

If your WordPress website is linked to a real-world retail brand, you need an intuitive WordPress store locator.

86% of online consumers use the Internet to find local businesses. To help consumers find your store, WordPress Store Locator works with Google Maps to convert online site visits into real-world foot traffic. As a WordPress map plugin, WordPress Store Locator provides site visitors with an easy way to filter stores by location, product availability, and physical store opening hours.

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WP Store Locator Map Styles & Customization Options

WordPress Store Locator makes it easy to sell more offline. Integration with Google Maps Styling Wizard, allows e-commerce store owners to import or create hundreds of different map styles. Site admins can also use custom icons to represent different store types, as well as customize how map pages load and what information is presented to visitors.

  • Use different WordPress Store Locator icons to represent different store types
  • Set custom page loading icons specific to your brand
  • Set WP Store Locator to filter stores by location, distance, or alphabetically
  • Configure WordPress Google Maps to automatically increase a search radius when no stores are found in a users immediate location

Using WordPress Store Locator, site admins have full control over what information is displayed on map pages, as well as how information is presented

store locator styling
contact wp store

Individual Store Contact pages

Single stores can be configured to appear on their own pages. This improves local SEO. At the same time, custom action links and contact forms can be used to boost real-time conversions.

After searching for stores via different locations and product categories, website visitors are presented with physical store opening hours. Just like with Google Maps, visitors can then click action links to get directions to different stores.

Slightly different from standalone WordPress map plugins, WP Store Locator can be configured to allow users to contact stores directly. Static contact information can be displayed on store pages, or visitors can make use of store specific contact forms.

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Single Store pages

Our plugin creates single pages for each store you have published. With this feature you can easily share single store URLs, get more info what stores your users find and increase SEO visibility.

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single shop page
store locator on WooCommerce product page

WooCommerce Support

Show a find in store button in WooCommerce single product pages to increase offline sales. The button will open the store locator in a modal view. If product categories are connected to store categories, the filters will be preselected.

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WP Store Locator Categories & Filtering

WordPress Store Locator uses a simple to manage back office which allows site owners to set several different store filtering options. Allow site users to filter real-world stores by the availability of different product categories. Alternatively, enable plugin users to filter store locations by the availability of various facilities such as parking and restroom access.

Where stores make available several product lines and provide access to other amenities, premium store icons can be set to grab consumers attention.

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search for store with filters
ajax store filtering

AJAX Filtering

WordPress Store Locator uses AJAX filtering and embedded shortcodes to load several content elements simultaneously.

With just a few mouse clicks, site visitors can quickly navigate through several different information fields. Map widths and content block placements in WP Store Locator can also be custom arranged to suit specific brands and provide more intuitive navigation experiences.

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Buy WordPress Store Locator Today

WordPress Store Locator is the most intuitive WordPress Google Maps plugin currently on the market. Download now, or test drive Free WordPress store locator Demo.

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5 reviews for WordPress Store Locator

  1. 3-Story

    Full stars for Design Quality. But unfortunately one can only select a single reason for rating. I would give a 5-star rating as well for Customer Support, Feature Availability, Customizability and Documentation Quality. Thank you WeLaunch for a very good plugin.

  2. wantabit

    Great product! Very simple and easy to use with even better support to back the product!
    I highly recommend this to anyone looking to add a locating map to their site.

  3. ddcom

    There are some coding and database issues. Furthermore a lot of updates almost weekly are confusing.
    Works good but not on every browser properly – don’t know why. Support is helpful! Thanks.

  4. secret22

    Been using this locator for over a year now.
    Awesome support and Love The frequent improvements. Highly recommended!

  5. Natasha

    LOVE!!! Such a great product that has helped my clients (gym owners) run their business efficiently. Also, very very quick support!

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Store Locator always on top?

Sometimes when you have added the Store Locator shortcode to a container at the bottom of the page, it can populate at the top. To fix this go into advanced settings and enable output buffering.

I always get a Google Maps error (GEOCODE)

If you get a "Geocoder failed due to: REQUEST_DENIED" error, then right click on yoursite, click on inspect and open the browser console. Reload your store locator page, and watch out for Google Errors. An example below:Example above shows this...

How can I remove the maps padding?

Just add the following code inside advanced settings > custom CSS: #store_modal .modal-body { padding: 0px; } .store_locator_sidebar_content { padding: 15px 0px 15px 15px; } @media(max-width: 768px) { .store_locator_sidebar_content...

Store Locator Filters do not show up

Only the 2nd level filters will be shown as checkboxes inside the store locator. The 1st level filters will be used as the filter top names. Means you need to find a name like "facilities", create the filter and assign your checkboxes like...

Get My Position not 100% accurate

if the 'Get my Position' function does not work properly or gets the wrong location, then you need to check the following: Are you on HTTPS / SSL? Because if no https is setup our plugin falls back to IP gelocatlion which is not as 100%...

Only show the Radius Filter?

If you want to show the radius under “filter” and no category filter, you need to add the following custom CSS: #store_locator_filter_categories { display: none; }

How can we change the title text “Find in Store”

If you want to change the WordPress store locator title "Find in Store", you need to go to the plugin settings > general. There you find an input field to change the name. change wp store locator title  

How can we style the store locator buttons?

Button is controlled by theme CSS. But you can add custom CSS if you want like this .store_locator .button { padding: 10px 20px; border-radius: 25px; color: #fff; background: #333; }

Adjust Store Locator Map height too small

The height of the store locator map is adjusted automatically to the height of the sidebar with the results. If you have stores found the map height increases. If you want to have it always for a custom height, use the following custom...

How to change the store slug URL?

If you want to change a stores slug URL store name, please place the function below into your child theme: add_filter( 'register_post_type_args', 'wpse247328_register_post_type_args', 10, 2 ); function wpse247328_register_post_type_args( $args,...

Single Store pages give 404 Error

If you single store pages lead into a 404 error go inside your WP-Admin panel > Settings> save permalinks.

Store Locator WPML Support

We had a deep look into WPML, but unfortuantely it is not possible to use WPML with custom Database Queries (needed to lat / lng <-> distance). It is possible to translate everything with WPML except the stores data (like name,...

Not all stores are displayed?

If you are missing some stores or if not all stores are displayed in our WordPress store locator, then you need to increase the maximum results. You can increase the maximum results in the option panel inside Settings > Result List >...

How can I automatically get latitude (lat) / longitude (lng) data for my stores?

Our WordPress plugin is able to automatically add latitude and longitude data during store imports. Just follow these 3 steps: You need to set a Google Api Key (Server Side) in our plugin settings This will be used to fetch Lat / Lng when...

Can I hide the Address Search Bar?

If you want to disable the address field to just show stores within your default position you can hide the input field via custom CSS like this: #store_locator_address_field { display: none; } Then you need to set a default lat / lng and...

Store Export or Import not working

If the stores export or import is not working you should first enable WP_DEBUG log. Therefore you should add the following lines into your wp-config.php define( 'WP_DEBUG', true ); define( 'WP_DEBUG_DISPLAY', false ); define( 'WP_DEBUG_LOG', true...

Is there a way to hide the map on mobile?

If you want to hide only the map for mobile users, you can insert the following custom CSS: @media (max-width: 768px) { #store_locator_main { display: none; } }

Create a Search for Store Page

If you want to create a page without the map and just the search fields like in our Demo you can use the following shortcode: Make sure you...

Increase result list height

If you want to increase the height of the result list or if the result list is too small add the following custom CSS: #store_locator_result_list { max-height: 350px...

Show all Stores by Default

If you want to show all stores by default you need adjust the radius, default lat / lng and max result values: Map Settings Adjust your default lat / lng to a center of all stores Add a high value to the Radius Select Steps like...

Store Locator Styles / CSS not working

Please make the following file writeable: /wp-content/wordpress-store-locator/public/css/wordpress-store-locator-custom.css

Google Maps Pricing / Costs?

Google recently has changed it's pricing model: You now get a $200 free credit, that you can use per month. Everything else needs to be payed - in detail the Autocomplete & Geocoding service, we use to get a lat / lng from an address. You can...

How to override the single store template?

If you are trying to get the single store pages to display or override a unique single page template (single-stores.php), as opposed to the standard single.php template for blog posts. You can create a single-stores.php in your child theme. This...

Much white space between store locator elements

Some themes use white-space: pre CSS in their stylesheets like the RepairHub theme. This produces strange white spaces in your store locator. However add this custom CSS in order to fix this: #store_locator * { white-space: initial; }

Store Locator Action Buttons not aligned

If the action buttons in the infowindow or the results are not aligned properly add this custom CSS: .store_locator_actions a { margin-right: 5px; display: block; float: left; margin-bottom: 10px; }

Where to find the category id?

While adding shortcode for single categories according to this -https://demos.welaunch.io/wordpress-store-locator/docs/topics/shortcodes/ you can specify a category id or multiple ids. You will find the category IDs when you go to wp-admin...

Hide no Stores Found Text

The store locator plugin automatically detects the location and gives a No store found warning message in the result list. If you want to stop showing this warning or want to show it only after the search is done, then add this custom...

Wordpress Store Locator Listing Shortcode

In version 1.13.0 we introduced a new Store locator listing shortcode. You can define a key, that you want to use for grouping (e.g. country). Then all stores within a country will display in a listing accordion by that...

Disable single store pages in WordPress

Starting from version 2.0.18 you can turn off single store pages in WordPress directly in plugin settings. #image_1389040459 { width: 100%; } Maybe you are wondering if there is an option to disable...

Infowindow Texts is not Breaking

Try adding this custom CSS when store name or texts in the infowindow is not breaking texts: #store_locator .gm-style-iw, #store_locator .gm-style-iw * { display: block !important; overflow: hidden; } #store_locator...

Store locator Category Paramter not working

Our store locator plugin for WordPress allows you to embed multiple store locator shortcodes for different categories with ease. This allows you to show many dealer searches per category or even many categories.  If the parameter should not...

Show online where to buy in physical stores

When you are using our WordPress Store locator plugin and want to show the retailers online store or webshop, then we have a solution for you. All you need is our WooCommerce product retailers & where to buy...


# Changelog
- FIX: CF7 form issue Undefined value was submitted through this field."

- FIX:	Added improved security for store deletion

- NEW:	The ": " was removed from the data title
		Please add it yourself in data to show settings
		E.g. "Website" will become "Website: "
- NEW:	Using gestureHandling cooperative (ctrl + zoom)
- NEW:	Single store page show title & contact in address
- FIX:	Store listing responsive issue
- FIX:	Updated translations
- FIX:	Append City showing when empty city
- FIX:	PHP 8.2 support

- NEW:	WooCommerce Product Retailers integration
- NEW:	Filter dependencies by filter
- NEW:	Set lat / lng per filter value
- NEW:	List stores orderby distance
- NEW:	CUstom template 15
- NEW:	Show results as slider
- NEW:	Show empty filters (advanced settings)
- NEW:	Hide stores by default parameter
- NEW:	Updated translation files & added german formal
- FIX:	Dragged button mobile position
- FIX:	Store locator listing JS issue with subregions
- FIX:	Store listing sort by distance with multiple listings
- FIX:	WPM key searchBoxResetFiltersText missing

- FIX:	Hotfix

- FIX:	PHP 8 error

- FIX:	CSS not rendering

- NEW:	Contact All Stores
- NEW:	Select input type shows also in search store shortcode
- NEW:	Custom CSS file is no longer used (using inline CSS now)
- FIX:	Loading the Google Maps JavaScript API without a callback is not supported
- FIX:	Email show on single store page even when disabled

- NEW:	Layout paramter for list shortcode
- NEW:	Move rating form to the bottom (below Map)
- NEW:	Added an option to exclude woocommerce product categories
- NEW:	Added PL
- NEW:	Added new filters:
- FIX:	Display flex when filter active by default instead of show
- FIX:	Single store page map alignment
- FIX:	Using grid system for store locator listing shortcode
- FIX:	Listing icons were reverse
- FIX:	Multiple pre defined filters not working
- FIX:	Updated Italian Translation

- NEW:	Moved Import & Export Stores to Store Locator Menu
- NEW:	Export stors by country and delete

- NEW:	Added BR tag for 2nd Address
- NEW:	PHP 8.1 Support
- FIX:	performance issues

- FIX:	Fatal error in AJAX trim function

- NEW:	Filter badges show in infowindow
- NEW:	Listing shortcode shows image
- NEW:	Show Chat button
- NEW:	Option to enable / disable "Append City to Store Name"
- NEW:	Listing shortcode shows description
- NEW:	Added support for GDPR plugins like Borlabs
- NEW:	Added order & orderby arguments to listing shortcode
- NEW:	Show minimum results
- NEW:	When importing transform comma into dot automatically
- FIX:	mail-foward icon deprecated in font awesome
		replaced with paper-plane
- FIX:	Do not load font awesome also in Backend
- FIX:	PArent filter name shows in result
- FIX:	Show category filter before normal filter
- FIX:	Store locator list columns not working
- FIX:	Support for multiple uses of nearest_store shortcode
- FIX:	Updated all composer dependencies

- NEW:	Replaced extreme GEO IP service with geojs.io (free)
- NEW:	Set a default lat, lng & zoom level on shortcode level
- NEW:	Disable the User geolocation alert message
- NEW:	Pressing enter works to find stores (when autocomplete is disabled)
- NEW:	Export & Import store status (allowed: publish, draft, private, pending, trash)
- NEW:	When auto geolocation alert message disable, use default lat / lng data
- FIX:	Conflict with our Multi Inventory Plugin
- FIX:	Map not showing on shortcode listing pages
- FIX:	Using manage_options for access level now

- NEW:	Online Stores & Offline Retailers Filter
- NEW:	Added support for our Multi Inventory Plugin
		That you can select an inventory from our Maps plugin
- NEW:	Template 14
- NEW:	Set custom Radius Circle Stroke & Fill Color
- NEW:	Moved below address fields to a new setting
- NEW:	Change the query operator for filters:

- NEW:	Search Stores along a route:
- NEW:	Reset filters & added icons:
- NEW:	You can now Open & Close the Result listing
- NEW:	Adjusted the Text for get positition click, but denied HTML5 Geolocation
		Make sure IP Gelocation fallback is disabled
- FIX:	Marker cluster showed old stores after filtering

- NEW:	Store Locator List Shortcode
		Demo: https://demos.welaunch.io/wordpress-store-locator/simple-stores-list/
- NEW:	Enable / Disable the single store page
- NEW:	Set custom single store icon
- NEW:	Added a live location feature on single store pages
- NEW:	Find on Map Headline on single store pages
- NEW:	Live location button & hide map headline when no live location
- NEW:	Show custom field data after address
- NEW:	Disable Google Maps Control UI Elements
- NEW:	Infowindow contact buttons moved to the bottom
- FIX:	Infowindow no line breaks
- FIX:	Zoom result list item disabled by default
- FIX:	Comma showing in single store page when country removed

- NEW:	Zoom to result list item
- FIX:	uncautgh S php error in some languages

- FIX:	Language translations not appearing
- FIX:	Escaped all strings
- FIX:	Changed batches import to 20 instead of 100

- NEW:	Added Translation files for
		Italian, German, French, Spanish, Dutch
- NEW:	Applied basic stylings for better theme support
- FIX:	Filter chevron by default open wrong
- FIX:	Added background color to import log
- FIX:	Single store description wrapped into store locator columns 12

- NEW:	Store Locator importer uses AJAX functionality to support
		large file imports + avoid timeouts
- NEW:	When using images to show in the store locator it is linked to your
		result list / infowindow action

- NEW:	Map Marker Clustere Functionality
- NEW:	Email placeholder functionality
- FIX:	Default store map marker in export file corrected
- FIX:	Single store map not showing

- NEW:	Many new parameters added to our shortcode
		See updated shortcode docs:
- NEW:	default_address parameter for store locator shortcode
- NEW:	default_category and default_filters (comma seperated) for shortcode
- NEW:	Beside "categories" you can now also set "filters" in the shortcode
		filter parameter MUST contain also the parent filter ID
- NEW:	Search by store name now work with address combination
		e.g. You can search for Store with name "Music" in "Los Angeles"
- NEW:	Excerpt support for stores
- NEW:	Store locator search shortcode accepts button_text argument
- NEW:	No stores text is now a paragraph and no longer a h4
- NEW:	Single store page cols added
- FIX:	Readded PHP 5.6 support (You should upgrade - it is 2021)
- FIX:	Categories selector showed when not categories created
- FIX:	Predefined query string filters not working
- FIX:	PHP notice for product categories array

- NEW:	Change the query operator for filters (AND or OR)
- FIX:	Selected category icon not shown

- NEW:	Store locator listing value, subvalue, orderby and open_by_default arguments
- NEW:	PHP 8.0 Support
- FIX:	Updated all vendor libraries
- FIX:	Default Home icon returned a 404
		New one: https://demos.welaunch.io/wordpress-store-locator/wp-content/uploads/sites/11/2021/03/home2.png
		Make sure you change it in Plugin Settings > Map
- FIX:	Layout 8 not working
- FIX:	Posts per page -1 for listing

- NEW:	Store locator listing accepts now a subkey
		so you can group by country > state
- NEW:	Store name search disabled by default
- NEW:	Output buffering enabled by default
- FIX:	Removed emulate transition
- NEW:	Modal size normal & default now

- NEW:	Disable bootstrap will only remove JS bootstrap
- FIX:	Keep Filter when all Stores clicked not removed loading
- FIX:	Added performance to WPML keys (performanceRenderOnThesePages)

- FIX:	Moved updater into weLaunch framework

- NEW:	Dropped Redux Framework support and added our own framework 
		Read more here: https://www.welaunch.io/en/2021/01/switching-from-redux-to-our-own-framework
		This ensure auto updates & removes all gutenberg stuff
		You can delete Redux (if not used somewhere else) afterwards
- FIX:	Result list height not full height as map
- FIX:	PHP 5.6 support

- NEW:	Added autocomplete fields options to lower the requests (save you money)
- FIX:	Replaced google.com with googleapis.com domain to comly to GDPR (no cookies)

- NEW:	Option to hide distance when all stores button clicked
- FIX:	Visit store button icon not visible
- FIX:	Transparency from loading not possible

- NEW:	Custom result list order for "all stores"
- FIX:	Upgraded bootstrap JS to version 4.5.3

- FIX:	Layouts broken
- FIX:	Loading indicator not showing

- NEW:	Upgraded to bootstrap 4
- NEW:	When closing filter the result list adjusts height automatically (when enabled)
- FIX:	No results had no column container
- FIX:	Added spacing for show all stores

- FIX:	Breadkpoints for 13 layout changed
- FIX:	Fallback if sorting field could not be saved in backend


!IMPORTANT! Make sure you double check layout + search + filter settings after update!

- NEW:	Reorder and disable search box fields
- NEW:	Reorder and disable filter fields
- NEW:	3 More Layouts
- NEW:	Custom Layout 13
- NEW:	Auto height for result list can be disabled
- NEW:	Auto Heigth for map can be disabled & custom height applied
- NEW:	Single Store page settings including custom zoom level on single store page
- NEW:	Image top Position
- NEW:	max_radius argument for wordpress_store_locator shortcode 
		[ wordpress_store_locator max_radius="yes"]
		Will preselect max radius
- NEW:	Filter for JS options "wordpress_store_locator_options"
- NEW:	Store locator listing now also accept taxonomy "story_category" & "store_filter"
- NEW:	All Stores link now can still keep categories filtered
- FIX:	PHP Notices
- FIX:	Infinte loading in store result list caused by rating
- FIX:	Updated POT / PO Files

- NEW:	Strip shortcodes & Visual Composer shortcode support
		for description https://imgur.com/a/2pqRBfN

- FIX: 	Store import did not delete previous selected categories / filters

- NEW:	Create custom Store Fields 
		These will be used in result list, infowindow, single store page
		can be added in backend, im- and exported
- NEW:	Store locator listing
		Live Demo: https://demos.welaunch.io/wordpress-store-locator/store-locator-listing/
- NEW:	Store Locator Layout section for easier store designs including 9 Layouts
- NEW:	Created 3 new possible layouts
- NEW:	Categories title no longer displays when empty
- NEW:	Reviews title is now sticky
- FIX:	Infinite loop in rating display
- FIX:	PHP Notices
- FIX:	Countries now translateable
- FIX:	Updated Translations

- NEW:	Option to disable replace state in URL
		See advanced settings

- NEW:	Star ratings for Stores
- FIX:	PHP Notices

- NEW:	Big Performance Release 
- NEW:	Rate / Review stores on single store pages

- NEW:	YOu can disable font awesome loading in advanced settings now
- FIX:	Font Awesome 5 sperately loaded
- FIX:	Default option icons changed

- FIX:	WooCommerce category linking not working

- FIX:	Icons not visible changed "fa" to "fas"

- NEW:	Added tel field to contact store phone & mobile html field

- NEW:	Added 4 new parameters to "wordpress_store_locator_nearest_store" shortcode
		text_separator=" | " 
		text_before="Nearest Store: "
		denied_text="Please enable Geolocation"
		Example: [wordpress_store_locator_nearest_store show_name="true" text_separator=" | " show_opening="false" text_before="Nearest Store: " denied_text="Please enable Geolocation"]
- NEW:	Show all button now takes default lat / lng for searching
- FIX:	Show all stores not respected the sorting
- FIX:	Store locator dragged button not aligned in some themes
- FIX:	Update POT file
- FIX:	Nearest store output buffering support

- NEW:	Performance (only render JS and CSS on these pages)
- FIX:	Export stores fix
- FIX:	Removed bootstrap CDN font awesome

- NEW:	Data used for contact form is now no longer dependant 
		on the date your show in your store locator data to show settings.

- NEW:	Added an option to show multiple result list items in 1 row (result list item columns)
		Example: https://imgur.com/a/BG4etWe

- FIX:	Store locator hidden class 
- FIX:	PHP notice

- NEW:	Search by Store Name input field
		Examples: https://imgur.com/a/YYXyOSh

- NEW:	Added a new file called "customer ID" for each store
		This field will be im / exported and visible only in backend
		It can be used to update stores based on this field value 
		(e.g. you can use this for CRM ID)
- FIX:	Default icon not fallback when hovering over 

- NEW:	If only 1 catgory specified in shortcode and image used for categories the one category will be selected by default
- FIX:	Category store badges not showing

- NEW:	Filter on single store pages now shows filter parent title first (e.g. Colors: blue, black)
- NEW:	Images assigned to category filter now also show in the result list & single store page
- NEW:	3 Column Layout for result list item
		See: https://imgur.com/a/IbShuUc
- FIX:	Moved deprecated show / hide filter section to result list settings

- NEW:	Radius max of 3999 removed

- NEW:	Empty address field by default (see settings > search box)
- NEW:	Added subtitles to options panel
- NEW:	An error message now shows if the custom CSS file is not writeable
- NEW:	Added an option to show / hide categories
- NEW:	Added an option to show / hide filters separatly
- NEW:	Added an option to show / hide the radius filter
- NEW:	Added a CSS class for filter section
- FIX:	Changed "get direction" to "get directions" text
- NEW:	Added Premium Class to Infowindow
- FIX:	Premium Class missing in result list

- FIX:	DB prepare error in AJAX function
- FIX:	PHP notice issue

- FIX:	Updated missing DE Translations
- FIX:	PHP Notice: Undefined variable: values
- FIX:	Max Result changed from 999 to 99999
- FIX:	Default max results set higher

- NEW:	Updated DE Translations (big thanks to motivmedia)
- FIX:	Opening hours o clock 2 text showed for 1 in result list

- FIX:	Admin Search returns stores multiple times
- FIX:	Empty post meta was not deleted
- FIX:	Mobile infowindow content cutt off

- FIX:	Show for store category option not saved

- FIX:	Multiple PHP notices

- NEW:	Moved "Find in Store" option to general settings for better visibility
- FIX:	undefined variable term PHP notice

- FIX:	IMPORTANT: GEO IP service changed - update required!

- NEW:	You can now search for stores in backend with meta values like address, city

- NEW:	Show Parent Store filters only when a specific product category is selected
		In backend when editing a filter see: Show for Store Category
- NEW:	Input type is hidden for child filters as they are only possible on filter top level
- NEW:	Added support for importing / exporting opening hours 2
- NEW:	ID gets now exported and can be used to update stores during import
- FIx:	Store categories & filters not exported
- FIX:	Ranking + Premium meta data not saved caused issue with premium sorting

- NEW:	Opening Hours 2 option to show 2 different opening hours
- NEW:	Opening Hours text displays on single store pages
- NEW:	Shortcode to display nearest store:
		[wordpress_store_locator_nearest_store text_before="Nearest Store: "]
		Args: text_before
		Output: Shows nearest store "address, city | opening hours"
- NEW:	Option to disable the open infowindow on mouseover the marker (only open on click)
- NEW:	Option to link filters & categories to WooCommerce Product Industries taxonomy
- FIX:	Updated POT File

- NEW:	 Added new action hooks:
- FIX:	Data to show for contact details hide on single store pages
- FIX:	Category filters, that are display as images did not show up in active filters

- NEW:	Visit Store Button that links to the single store page

- FIX:	Premium sorting, non premium stores now sorted by distance

- FIX:	badge Class html wrong
- FIX:	Your position not translateable
- FIX:	Updated POT files

- NEW:	Autocomplete Restriction now works for multiple countries
		Enter DE,CH for example to limit to Germany & Switzerland

- NEW:	Option to leave out the get direction source address
		Data to Show > Leave source address empty in Google Maps

- NEW:	Added store-locator-is-premium CSS Class to details container
- FIX:	Distance showed twice
- FIX:	Weekdays not translateable on single store pages

- NEW:	Added a filter for options "wordpress_store_locator_options"
- FIX:	Infowindow width switched to max-width (better mobile support)
- FIX:	Added Max height for Infowindow
- FIX:	Updated Documentation to latest version

- NEW:	When editing a parent filter in wp-admin you can set the input type
		from checkbox to select field. 
- FIX:	URL query duplication
- FIX:	Admin CSS issue
- FIX:	Added CSS class to filters
- FIX:	Query issue for premium stores

- FIX:	Geocode Address now respects componentRestrictions
- FIX:	Performance improvment

- FIX:	Build State Replace now does not remove existing query strings
- FIX:	Query all stores not working when result order was Premium
- FIX:	Removed old plugins

- NEW:	Added an option to set new window / blank for store link actions

- FIX:	store_id parameter wrong when Contact Store URL containes a Query Parameter

- FIX:	Auto Geolocation showed on search for store shortcode even when disabled
- FIX:	IMPORTANT! Replaced geolocation service provider

- FIX:	Uncaught Error: Class 'PHPExcel_Cell' not found 

- NEW:	Removed phpoffice/phpexcel (deprecated) and moved to phpoffice/spreadsheet
- FIX:	Single Store pages showed data not activated

- NEW:	Added a class to the "store in XX" so you can hide it via
		CSS: wordpress-store-locator-store-in
- NEW:	Renamed "button" to "WooCommerce" in Backend

- FIX:	Select Store not translateable in contact form

- NEW:	Option to enable / disable Auto IP Geolocation Fallback due to GDPR
		when HTML5 not supported or disallowed
- FIX:	Increased the timeout to 8 seconds until IP Geolocation fallback used

- FIX:	Maps icons missing in Internet Explorer (IE)

- NEW:	Added an option to set the Show All Stores Text
- FIX:	Google Maps Icon not visible
- FIX:	Multiple AJAX calls if no address set in URL
- FIX:	Fallback for no HTML5 Geolocaiton enabled

- FIX:	When address in URL the location field got overwritten
- FIX:	Store Link now by get_permalink

- NEW:	Added a ranking option for stores to sort by (the higher the better)
		You can edit stores to set a ranking or import stores
		Make sure you set Sort Order to Ranking in plugin settings > Result list
- FIX:	When rankings are the same it orders by distance

- FIX:	Improved the automatic lat / lng fetching process

- NEW:	Added do_shortcode on store description
- FIX:	Weekdays Key was translated also

- NEW:	Full Height Map
		See Settings > Map > Full Height Map

- NEW:	Get my Position works on search for store shortcode
- FIX:	Added loading hint when get my position clicked

- FIX:	Updated Default settings
- FIX:	Added button class for Divi Themes

- NEW:	Lat / Lng data now available in store overview (easiy to check if data missing)
- FIX:	Predefined Category has overwritten category by URL

- NEW:	! Important Update !
		As of 1st of July the old geoip provider we used "https://freegeoip.net/json/" 
		is no longer available, we switched to a new one: "https://geoip.nekudo.com/"
		You need to update our plugin otherwise it won't work anymore after 1st of July
- NEW:	Radius now also in URL PushState HTML5
- FIX:	jQuery attr changed for prop
- FIX:	Image Filter now also works with URL PushState
- FIX:	Radius Circle JS error for all stores link

- NEW:	URL PushState HTML5
		The users search (address, category + filters) will
		be stored in the URL. This can be shared then
- FIX:	Radius Circle JS Error
- FIX:	Multiple Locations

- NEW:  Display Distance in Result List
- FIX:  Issue when ordering was set to premium and all stores fetched

- FIX:	Missing translation "Enter your Address" added

- FIX:  Tax Meta Class Updated

- NEW:  Option for Infowindow Open check to prevent twiches
		See Settings > Infowindow > Check if Infowindow is closed
- FIX:  Icon Hover Fix
- FIX:  JS Code improvements
- FIX:  Renamed Pan to Marker on Mouse Hover => Enable Result List Hover
		Pan to Marker should be set in settings > maps > pan to map

- NEW:  Map style now also applies on Single Store Page

- FIX:  Show all stores did not respected the data to show

- NEW: 	Added an option to show a button "show on map"
		See data to show > Show on Map

- NEW: Map > Enable / Disable Pan to Marker on Hover
- NEW: Result List > Enable / Disable Pan to Marker on Hover

- FIX: IE11 Problems

- NEW:  Option to enable Output Buffering as some themes had problem with displaying

- FIX:  Moved google maps script to the bottom to avoid conflicts with other maps plugins

- NEW:  Shortcode to show a search box only, that links to the store locator
		Demo: https://www.welaunch.io/wordpress-store-locator/search-for-store/
		Shortcode: [wordpress_store_locator_search url="YOUR_STORE_LOCATOR_URL" style="1" show_filter="yes"]
- FIX:  Filters not working when premium sorting was checked

- FIX:  Added output buffering for shortcode used

- FIX:  renamed import upload file because of theme conflicts

- NEW:  Check if you want to Adjust zoom level to Radius automatically
- NEW:  Set a link action to "none"

- NEW:  It is now possible to set the default radius to more than 1000

- FIX:  Fixed an issue where the zip was not laoded in contact form
- FIX:  Use store_locator_store_info_XX for info on contact page

- FIX:  Fixed an issue where the loading spinner
		did not got away

- NEW:  Added a pan to map on store hover

- FIX:  Fixed an issue where the Show all Stores
		Link did not work without Radius enabled

- NEW:  Sort stores by Premium Stores first
		See Settings > Result List > Sort Results by
- NEW:  Show image also in Result list 
- NEW:  Set a position (left / right) for store image 
		in result list

- NEW:  Prefixed all bootstrap files to not get in conflict with themes

- NEW:  Link stores to custom contact form pages
		You can now add an action to your stores, that 
		will redirect to a contact form with dealer information
		See Settings Data to Show > Show Contact Dealer
		See Tutorial & More Info here: https://www.welaunch.io/wordpress-store-locator/docs/faq/create-store-contact-page/
- NEW:  Show All Stores link
		See Settings > Search Box > Show All stores Button
- NEW:  All Stores Zoom Level
- NEW:  All Stores Default Lat / Lng

- FIX:  Only 1 store showed in backend

- FIX:  Removed PHP Notices from Import Class
- FIX:  Removed PHP notice in Public Class

- NEW:  Option to display category filter as an image
		See Settings > Data To Show > Display Category Filters as Image
		Make sure you have set a category icon in the backend

- NEW:  Removed Meta Boxes to be required
		From now on we use custom meta data code
- NEW:  Radius Limitation of 999 removed and set to 3999
- FIX:  Removed Google Sensor required console issue

- FIX:  PHP Notice in php file

- NEW:  Shortcode attributes to create multiple maps with different categories:
		Example 1: 
		- Only show category ID 34 (T-Shirts) 
		- no children 
		- no "show all categories"
		[wordpress_store_locator categories="34" show_children="no" show_all="no"]
		Example 2:
		- Show Categories 32 (Clothes) and 35 (Music Stores)
		- Show no children
		- Show "all categories"
		[wordpress_store_locator categories="32,35" show_children="no" show_all="yes"]

- NEW:  Automatic zoom level adjustment when radius changes

- FIX:  Resultlist Link action issue

- NEW:  Display opening hours in single store pages
		Example: https://www.welaunch.io/wordpress-store-locator/store/clothes-1/
- NEW:  Red border when address field is empty
- FIX:  Opening hours title showed up when no opening hours were entered

- NEW:  CSS Classes for active filter
- NEW:  CSS Classes for store filters

- NEW: 	Show the filter box open by default 
		Settings > Search Box > Filter open by default
- NEW:  Adress format options (standard or American / Australian)
		Settings > Data to Show > Address Format
- NEW: 	Switched from Time field to Text field for opening hours
		Now you can write "closed" for example
- NEW: 	Set a custom infowindow link action
- NEW: 	Show ZIP & Region
		Settings > Data to Show
- FIX: 	Sunday does not display
- FIX: 	Server side API key

- FIX: undefined variable

NEW: Logic for icons changed: when a store is in multiple categories 
	 -> Take the first categories icon
FIX: custom category icon could not be uploaded wpColorpicker error
FIX: map icon on result list hover

- FIX:  Export Stores misses filter categories
- FIX:  Import stores file upload in Multisite environments
- FIX:  Categories & Filter now update the count after import

- FIX:  PHP 7.1 fix

- NEW: WPML Support
- NEW: Complete new documentation (see here: https://www.welaunch.io/docs/wordpress-store-locator/)
- NEW: Updated offline documentation
- FIX: Added map Meta key to import 
- FIX: Added Opening hours to Sample Import file
- FIX: Latitute wrongly assigned when importing XLSX without lat / lng
- FIX: Get Sample import file now respects the Excel 2007 option
- FIX: Switched custom store icon from Media Library to raw URL
	   !!! Make sure you change this in your stores settings !!!

- NEW: Set a custom map icon for a single store
- NEW: Logic for Icons:
		1. If a custom icon on single store is set -> take this
		2. If a custom category icon is set:
		2.1. If a store is only in one category -> take this icon
		2.2. If a store has multiple icons, the icon only changes when a category has been choosen in frontend
		3. If no store / category icon is set -> take the default Icon
- NEW: Improved editing layout in backend
- FIX: Export files are corrupt

- NEW: Add a custom Icon for store categories
- NEW: Added store categories & filter information on single store page
- FIX: Removed icon from json to increase speed

- FIX: undefined index in public.php file for meta boxes request

- FIX: Default Country
- FIX: Import of new stores

- NEW: Sort by distance or alphabetically (settings > result list > sort by)
- NEW: Try updating stores during import (updating process is checked by store name)
- FIX: Store categories / filters are now sorted alphabetically ASC

- NEW: Import Store Opening Hours
- NEW: Export Opening Hours
- NEW: Slightly settings panel improvements

- FIX: DB Prepare statement

- NEW: Set a default store category to be active (Settings > Search Box > Default filter category)
- NEW: Description now also shows up in result list
- FIX: Description will now be exported correctly
- FIX: Description does not show up when no email was set up

- NEW:  When importing stores with no Latitute / Longitute (lat / lng) the system will try to fetch the data from Google Reverse Maps
		You will need to set a extra server side API Key this on the settings panel
- FIX: Result list height in the Modal

- NEW:  Use custom Map Styling (e.g. from https://snazzymaps.com OR https://mapstyle.withgoogle.com/)
		See settings -> Maps -> Styling
- NEW:  Select what happens when a user clicks on the stores name in the result list
		See settings -> Result list -> Link Action

- NEW: Automatically extend the map if no stores are found
- NEW: Excel files are now .xlsx (for Excel 2007 and higher), but you can still switch to Excel 5 if preferred
- NEW: Hide search Active filter
- NEW: Hide search Filters completley
- NEW: Hide search Title
- FIX: Hardcoded some CSS settings

- FIX: CSS bug border-box-size

- NEW: Autocomplete country restriction: restricts the users search only within a specific country
- NEW: Autocomplete type restriction. Only return city or zip code, but never street (specially used in US)
- NEW: Conditional Data loading (e.g. when a store has no email, it will not be ouputted as "undefined")

- NEW: Support for subcategories in Category Dropdown
- FIX: WP-Admin URL for settings buttons

- FIX: No Sidebar autoHeight
- FIX: Map Center position

- FIX: Issue with Sidebar Height
- FIX: Issue with Sidebar position

- FIX: Button does not show up on single product pages
- FIX: Search in this area button styling

- Name change to WordPress Store locator
- !!Important!! Before you upgrade make an export of your stores. Then update and import the exported stores. 

- NEW: Drag the map and a button appear to do a search in this area
- NEW: Stores & Categories can now be shown as items:
- NEW: Single Store: http://wordpress.welaunch.io/store/clothes-1/
- NEW: Store Category: http://wordpress.welaunch.io/store-categories/clothes-stores/
- NEW: Option to hide the get directions link
- NEW: Option to hide the search button
- NEW: Option to set a custom text for the search button
- NEW: Option to hide the result list title
- NEW: Updated Design
- NEW: When set a default position & auto location is disabled it automatically searches there
- NEW: Better Versioning
- FIX: Tel, Email, Web not showing on map
- FIX: Description showed "undefined"

- FIX: Import issue with categories (not appended, but replaced)

- NEW: Enter button now works in search field
- FIX: Description will now be shown
- FIX: Premium icon on all result items
- FIX: Versioning for JS / CSS files

- NEW:  When user declines HTML5 Geolocation or when it is not support, the user will now be 
		located by his IP address using the free service https://freegeoip.net (max. 10.000 requests per hour!)
- FIX: switched the Google Maps "Get Direction" position

- NEW: Code cleanup
- FIX: capability added for the import page

- NEW: Better plugin activation
- FIX: Better advanced settings page (ACE Editor for CSS and JS )
- FIX: array key exists

- FIX: Redux Framework error

- NEW: Import function for XLS-Files
- NEW: Get Sample Import file (dynamically creates categories / filters too)
- NEW: Export function to XLS
- NEW: Delete all stores

- FIX: Google new requires API Key for everything 
- FIX: API Key now also provided in backend

- FIX: error when Meta-Box Plugin was not installed & activated

- NEW: Removed the embedded Redux Framework AND Meta Boxes for update consistency

- FIX: PHP 5.4 compatible errors

- FIX: Remove close button on shortcode pages
- FIX: when hiding active filters also hide the active filter text

- FIX: Bring back the close button 

- Inital release

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