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WordPress Country Selector

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Our WordPress Country Selector Plugin helps you to guide your visitors to the right country. Users can be informed via a popup or redirected automatically. You can also display all your countries on a selector page or widget dropdown.

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Guiding site visitors to country specific pages

Using a WordPress Country Selector is vital when managing e-commerce platforms which cater differently to different international consumers.

Product availability and payment gateways differ on almost every WordPress multisite. WordPress Country Selector, therefore, uses fast loading popups to guide users to country-specific home and product pages. This prevents shopping carts from being abandoned, by guiding site visitors to country-specific pages, content, and pricing information

country selector popup

Simple WordPress Country Selector Popup

How the WordPress Country Selector plugin works is simple. After arriving on landing or product pages for the first time, a fast loading popup draws users attention to the availability of different WordPress country pages. Site visitors can then elect to visit local pages or continue browsing international site pages.

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Easy to Configure WordPress Country Select Pages

WordPress Country Selector can be configured to redirect visitors to country-specific pages automatically. Alternatively, different country pages can be selected from a multisite country selection area.

In country selection areas, site admins can list each geographic area where country-specific pages are available. This allows site visitors to select their own country, or (in mind of shipping) the nearest country to them. WordPress country pages can also be configured in three different, easy to navigate page styles.

  • Easily showcase all the countries where your site serves local content
  • Allow users to filter country pages by clicking on continents
  • Opt to display flags beside country pages to bridge language barriers

Should a country-specific page not exist, users can select international website versions as a fallback option.

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country selector pages
country redirect

Automatic Country Redirects

To serve the most relevant content to site visitors, the WordPress Country Selector plugin can be configured to redirect users automatically.

After arriving on websites, popups draw visitors attention to local pages which might be available. If site visitors decline to select any option, site admins can configure forced redirects to take place. Where a specific locale isn’t covered, redirects will default back to international website versions. In the WordPress Country Selector back office, site admins can also custom configure the amount of time which should elapse before automatic redirects take effect.

Use Cookies to Remember Choices

Regular website visitors hate being bombarded with the same popups every time they revisit pages. For this reason, the WordPress Country Selector plugin can be configured to remember user preferences using cookies.

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save cookie
country selector dropdown

Select Country Preferences Via Dropdown Menus

In cases where website visitors are using a VPN (or are located in close to country borders), your WordPress multisite might identify incorrect local page selections. To avoid confusion, popups can be configured to display dropdown lists of available country pages.

Easy to Configure Back Office

WordPress Country Selector features an easy to configure back office. Set up popups and country selection pages in minutes after installation. Alternatively, see a free plugin demo now by clicking here.

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easy backend
show all flags in popup

Show all countries in popup

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Stay at United States should be International

When you want to have the popup say "Stay at International Site" instead of "Stay at United States" you need to do the following Install Loco Translate Plugin Go to Loco Translate > Plugins > WordPress Country Selector Click on New...

Wrong Country Flag or Country name?

Our plugin takes the country flag & name from the settings of the WordPress site. If you for example see "Stay at United States", but you want to have it as "Stay on Germany", then your sites language is wrong. This is also not good for...

Country selector Popup appears again

If the country selector popup displays again after a short time or after refreshing your site, then the lifetime of our plugin cookie is too short. Please increase the lifetime inside the plugin settings > general. It could be when users...

How can I translate the Country selecto Plugin (WPML)

For translations you need to use WPML > "String Tranlsations". First go to Theme and Plugin localization Click the checkbox for the Wordpress Country Selector Scan the plugin for Translations (button on the bottom) Then go to string...

How to change the International Flag

If you want to change the international flag in our WordPress country selector or Multilingual Multisite plugin you can use some simple CSS. First upload your flag image into your WordPress media library. Copy the URL. Then add this custom CSS...


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