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WordPress GDPR

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We compiled the best WordPress GDPR Plugin out of all.
Do not rely on multiple Plugins – get the Ultimate One. Making your website GDPR complaint isn’t difficult at all. With incredible WordPress plugins like our carefully designed GDPR plugin, your website can now become fully GDPR compliant.

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With the new GDPR law in full force in Europe, Businesses are now looking to make their website GDPR compliant and guess what; we have stepped into the fold to ensure that every business dream of making their website GDPR compliant is fulfilled without any hassle.

The thing is, making your website GDPR complaint isn’t difficult at all. With our carefully designed plugin which works flawlessly on WordPress, making your website GDPR compliant is a stroll in the park. If you’re still wondering what our fantastic plugin is capable of, you won’t go wrong to read on as this post is carefully designed to give you all the information on the plugin you need to make your website GDPR compliant.

gdpr cookie popup

Cookie Popup Consent

We don’t know about you, but cookie popups can be very annoying especially when you really need urgent information that is of utmost importance. Not to worry, with GDPR plugin, before any cookie is stored on your website, your users must accept such cookies; this makes your website GDPR compliant and free from the eyebrows of authorities.

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Cookie Control

Sometimes customers prefer digital or printed PDF catalogs, that they can browse through. May it be, because they currently do not have internet connection or are tired of looking on their smartphone. For those cases we have the solution. Our WooCommerce PDF Catalog plugin lets your customers export a local file with all products.

  • Export Full or Category specific Product PDF Catalogs
  • Generate Wishlist or Cart PDF catalogs
  • Fully configurable including more than 50 Templates
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GDPR Cookie Services Settings
gdpr privcacy center

GDPR Privacy Center

We don’t know about you, but cookie popups can be very annoying especially when you really need urgent information that is of utmost importance. Not to worry, with GDPR plugin, before any cookie is stored on your website, your users must accept such cookies; this makes your website GDPR compliant and free from the eyebrows of authorities.

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Our plugin supports multiple different 3rd party plugins and tracking services by default. Simply enable integrations in plugin settings or create according services:

  • Google Analytics, Tag Manager & Ads
  • Facebook Pixel
  • WooCommerce
  • Pixel your Site
  • WPML
  • Contact form 7
  • and more
gdpr integrations
forget me request

Forget me

While not every user will want to erase their data on their website, there comes a time when this becomes entirely necessary. The good news is, with GDPR to the rescue, you can give your users the opportunity to get rid of their data from their website. And this they can do with just a click of the mouse and with our exciting plugin that is solely designed for this purpose.

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Data Breach Notifications

Of course, security is paramount while users navigate through your website. But sometimes, your security can get compromised. To this end, to protect your users’ data, it would be smart to install our all exciting GDPR plugin. With this plugin installed, your users will be notified of a possible data breach, how cool can that be?

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send data breach
contact dpo

Contact DPO

There are lots of things our GDPR plugin is capable of. One of them is that it allows you to add a contact DPO. This provides a form to collect other data related questions.  Once filled, this form can be easily exported to your Data Privacy Officer.

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Newsletter Unsubscribe

Sometimes it can be very annoying when you cannot unsubscribe to a newsletter you’re no longer interested in, however, with GDPR plugin, you have absolutely nothing to worry about as this plugin makes it possible for your users to not receive any newsletter in the future. If you want to make your website GDPR compliant by easily allowing your users unsubscribe from an unwarranted newsletter, your best bet would be to install our GDPR plugin that is fast becoming the rave of the moment.

Newsletter unsubscribe

Request Data Archive

Our GDPR plugin is a breath of fresh air as it allows businesses to send data archives of all their users by mail easily. And you know what? This can be done either on request or manually.

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How can I change GDPR texts / translate?

If you want to translate or change texts, that are not available in plugin settings you can use Loco Translate. Install Loco Translate Go to Loco Translate > Plugins Click on WordPress GDPR Create a new Translation (we use en_US to...

How does the Cookie Consent work?

By default our plugin blocks & deletes all cookies UNTIL the user has clicked on the "I accept" in the Cookie Popup (gives his consent). Then in the privacy settings user can enable different services:...

Can I rearrange / create a custom Privacy Center Page?

If you want to rearrange the items on the privacy center page or create your custom page, then you have two options: Do not use the Shortcode and create your own Privacy Center Page (for example with Visual Composer) Use our Filter to...

WordPress 4.9.6 and GDPR - Do I still need a plugin?

With WordPress 4.9.6 there were some new features introduced, especially regarding the GDPR. In detail there are 3 new things: Set a Privacy Page within WordPress Under Settings > Privacy you can set your own Privacy Page now. Or you...

WooCommerce Privacy Checkbox not showing?

If you are on at least WooCommerce 3.4 Version you need to set your privacy settings page within WooCommerce Settings > Accounts & Privacy > Privacy Page. Below WooCommerce Version 3.4 Version? If the privacy policy Acceptance...

GDPR Items are not centered?

Deprecated after Version 1.5. Items are not centered always correctly by using Border-Box Sizing. If your GDPR Items are not centered, please add the following custom CSS: .wordpress-gdpr-privacy-center-item { width: 27%; } @media...

How can I transform popup links to Buttons?

Deprecated after Version 1.5. Button Style for Agree / Decline are now standard on 1.5.If you want to use buttons instead of links you can use the following custom CSS: .wordpress-gdpr-popup-actions { margin-top:...

Cookies still show although not accepted?

If cookies are still showing although no consent was given please check the following things: You are not logged in as an admin (all cookies are allowed for admins) Make sure no Code for example Analytics is in our HTML source code of your...

Do you offer Pseudonymization?

Pseudonymization is not mandatory by GDPR. It might be a good improvement, but also can risk in data loss. We do not offer a Pseudonymization feature, because we do not want to be responsible for data loss. But we recommend the following...

Cookie Whitelist - What cookies are allowed? How can I add more?

Deprecated after Version 1.5. Cookies should be placed inside our new GDPR Services. If you have enabled to use Cookie Whitelist & user agrees, all cookies will be allowed, that are on the Whitelist - not more! All other Cookies will be...

How to block iFrame Youtube Cookies?

To block cookies from iFrame embedded pages like youtube you need to watch their embed settings. In Youtube there is an option to enable advanced privacy options (see image right). If you enable this you will see, that the embed src changes to...

Slow AJAX Calls?

Slow WP Admin AJAX calls can be caused because of many factors and it's hard to debug them. But here are some indications: Test Location <-> Server Location (too high latency) Server Performance at All Too many other plugins (WP AJAX...

Can I open the Privacy Settings with a custom Link?

If you want to open the privacy settings popup with a custom Link / button you need to add the following CSS class: wordpress-gdpr-open-privacy-settings-modal An Example: <a href="#" class="button btn...

Empty Boxes in GDPR Privacy Center?

If there are empty boxes or the layout is not aligned, please add the following custom CSS: .wordpress-gdpr-privacy-center p { display: none; } .wordpress-gdpr-privacy-center p.wordpress-gdpr-privacy-center-item-desc { display: block; }


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