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WordPress Multilingual Multisite


Our WordPress multilingual multisite plugin helps you to setup translated versions of your WP websites with ease. Create unlimited language / country versions, synchronize posts & media, use machine translations or copy content between your sites.

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Translate your WordPress websites with Ease

Use the advantages of WordPress Multisite Environments together with our plugin and translate your website with ease. Simply setup one English Master Version and roll it out by copying it into as many languages & countries as you like.

  • Unlimited Countries & Languages
  • Built in Country Selector & Machine Translation
  • Built for High Performance Websites

Compare Multilingual Plugins

Why should you buy our plugin? Maybe below comparison table helps you.

PRICE $49 once $79 / year $99 / year free free (last update 4 year) $99 / year
WOOCOMMERCE X (additional plugin) X (partly) X X

Live Examples

Want to see our plugin in action? Below you find some customers who use and love our plugin.


Baby toys manufacturer sindibaba uses our plugin to translate their site from German to English. Soon also into French and Spanish. Automatic translation provided by DeepL.


Dometic, electric cool box & outdoor brand, uses our plugin in their B2C multisite shop for 2 languages. More coming. Theme used is Flatsome.


PerFair Personal service uses our plugin to show a Polish and German translated website. Also DeepL was used for post translation with manual review.


Yes our own website also runs on this plugin to give you translated pages.

Hotel 5 Etoiles

Hotel 5 Etoiles uses our Plugin to translate their website into 3 languages: French, English and Spanish.

Hotel Flora

Hotel Flora in Herzlake used our plugin to translate their hotel booking website from German to English.

Easy WP Translation Dashboard

Simply control your translated posts or terms within your WordPress Dashboard.

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translated posts in backend
WordPress Multilingual Multisite Structure

Why you should use a Multisite for Translations

Many popular plugins use a single WordPress instance to created translated versions of your site. This can in some cases be a good starter, but most of the times in the end it comes to complications. If you have one WP instance it is glued together, shares one database and makes it complicated to create language specific content.

Pros for a Multisite

  • Performance
    Separate database tables for each country site does not harm your site speed
  • Country Specific Content / Settings
    Enable plugins per each country, create content only in 1 language with ease
  • Clean Dashboard
    Stay with a clean wp-admin dashboard
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5 reviews for WordPress Multilingual Multisite


    Very profesional support. Plugin much better then havy WPML. Perfect solution to make mulilingual site on multisite.

  2. makinable

    1. About the functions of the code:
    I’ve used WPML for years. It’s a good plugin, but in certain scenarios it doesn’t work well. It works for small websites and small e-commerce stores.
    But in some scenarios, where you need each language to connect to different third party APIs, it’s better to go for a multisite.
    It’s also better to go for a multisite if you prefer to have more speed and independently configure the data tables and settings for each language.
    This is actually the right way to go. And in this multi-site scenario, I have also tried Multipress. It’s a good option. But this WeLaunch plugin is just as good as MultiPress. In some aspects, it’s even better.
    2. About the price:
    There’s nothing to add about it. The WeLaunch plugin is significantly cheaper than the other two.
    3. About the support:
    The 3 support teams (WPML, MultiPress & WeLaunch) are really good. In the specific case of WeLaunch, we had two small configuration problems, and they fixed it in a few hours, uploading an update to the CodeCanyon repository. Very impressive.
    4. Conclusion:
    For all these reasons, I would choose this WeLaunch plugin. In fact, I’ve chosen it and it’s going very well.

  3. lammers007

    This is one state of the Art multilingual WordPress Plugin. We Switched from multilingual press & multisite language Switcher to this plugin and it is easier, requires less additional plugins and is fast.

    Great job! Special thanks also to the automatic / machine translation, that saved us a lot of time.

  4. cnagent

    This plugin is just what I was looking for.
    We needed it to translate our shops – both B2B and B2C – from German to English. At first I tried WPML and Polylang, but they both slowed down the site too much (especially WPML).
    So we opted for a multisite approach (one site per language), and this plugin – along with Loco Translate – just seems to be the perfect match. Translations are created ready-for-publish by the click of a few buttons. No more need to copy and paste content and move it around between the various sites and the translation editors.
    It’s all super-easy now, plus the sites are not jammed with clutter and retained their original speed.
    Thanks for making this plugin available!

  5. chen’

    Can he synchronize HTML? Is it possible to translate topics and pages?

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Setup our Multilingual Multisite Plugin

Get to know how to setup our multilingual multisite plugin in your own WordPress installation. If you have followed the installation process correctly you should see a new menu called "Translation" inside your Multisite Network. If you do not see...

How to Translate WordPress Posts

For sure you want to know how you can translate posts. We show you how to translate an English page into a German one. First you need to have your site configured correctly. If you have not done this, go to wp-admin > settings > general....

How to assign translators in WordPress?

Using real people translator often make sure the translation quality is the best. We show you how to create a translator user and assign this to a post. First go to wp-admin > users > add new. Then create a new user and set the user role...

How to Sync Posts or Products inside WordPress Multisite

Our WordPress multilingual Multisite plugin also has a functionality to synchronize connected posts. This supports custom post types and beside syncing, it can also create posts. In the example below we will activate sync for the custom post...

How to create a WordPress Multisite Network

The multisite network feature is a powerful, hidden functionality inside every WordPress system. A multisite allows you to setup separate WP websites inside one WordPress installation. It also can be used for WP Multisite translations. WP Network...


How to get the WordPress Menu Name

If you want to show the country selector in one of your menus, you need to know the menu display position. As every theme has different names for menus you need to inspect some elements in wp-admin. We show you how: Go to wp-admin Go to...

How to setup WordPress Machine Translation

Make use of our built in machine translation services. Translate your post or terms automatically without manual work.To use the machine translation services like Google Translate, DeepL or the Microsoft translation service you first need to get...

How to Translate WordPress Posts

For sure you want to know how you can translate posts. We show you how to translate an English page into a German one. First you need to have your site configured correctly. If you have not done this, go to wp-admin > settings > general....

How to assign translators in WordPress?

Using real people translator often make sure the translation quality is the best. We show you how to create a translator user and assign this to a post. First go to wp-admin > users > add new. Then create a new user and set the user role...

How to Sync Posts or Products inside WordPress Multisite

Our WordPress multilingual Multisite plugin also has a functionality to synchronize connected posts. This supports custom post types and beside syncing, it can also create posts. In the example below we will activate sync for the custom post...

How to change the Country Flag Image / Icon

If you want to change the flag of a specific country you can do this with custom CSS. Here is an example where we change the 4th flag in the dropdown with a new image we just uploaded into our media...

How to change the International Flag

If you want to change the international flag in our WordPress country selector or Multilingual Multisite plugin you can use some simple CSS. First upload your flag image into your WordPress media library. Copy the URL. Then add this custom CSS...

Is machine translated data stored or translated each time?

Our plugin saves all machine translated data (Google, DeepL or Microsoft) inside the WP database of the subsite. So instead of translating it over and over again it will only be once translated and saved. That reduces costs and make it possible...

Custom Taxonomy Translation Base URL Filter

Some taxonomies add a custom rewrite rule to their newly registered taxonomies. In order to add the correct translated rewrite base you need to use the following filter: add_filter( 'wordpress_multilingual_multisite_taxonomy_base',...

How does the WP Multisite Language Redirect work?

Redirecting users to their correct language and country page is an essential feature when you work with a multilingual WordPress multisite. That is why the automatic redirect is directly built within our multilingual multisite plugin.  In plugin...

Multilingual Multisite Filter Everything Pro Support

When you are using the Filter Everything Pro plugin, you will get SEO optimized filtered URLs. Example: EN: domain.com/en/products/t-shirts/color-blue DE: domain.com/de/produkte/t-shirts/farbe-blau Now these are filtered URLs for the category...

How does the plugin handle SEO?

You may ask if translated content by our WP Multilingual multisite plugin is search engine optimized. Unfortunately the auto translation will not take care about SEO. It would be the same when you manually use Google Translate. There is no SEO...

Does the plugin support automatic translation of content?

Yes with our plugin you can either manually or in bulk submit single posts for automatic translations. Our plugin will not translate your website live like Google Translate will do. Instead translated content will be saved in your database and...

Can I manually edit translations generated by the plugin?

Yes you always have the possibility to manually edit automatic translations and you should do this. Automatic translations are saved in your WP database so you only pay once, but as you know they are not always 100% accurate. When you do...

Are SEO hreflang tags added?

Yes our plugin adds correct hreflang tags to your website head. This will use the posts you connected in the backend.

Does the plugin offer automatic language detection / language switcher?

Yes, on your main or root site you can set an automatic redirect base don users browser language or country. That way a user will always be redirected to his local correct language site. Furthermore you can enable an IP redirect, but this may...

Does it Automatically Translate my WordPress Website?

Well not Auto translation, but machine translation per post / page is possible. Either in bulk or per post. The main difference is, the data is yours and stored inside your database. Other plugins require auto / live translations and are...

Connect WP Posts in our Database

When all your posts and terms from one site are the same as on your other site, you can use the instructions below to copy the connected wp posts in your database directly. Please backup your database before. When not done, click on "init...


# Changelog
- FIX:	Updated vendor classes

- NEW:	Machine Translation by OpenAI (ChatGPT)
- FIX:	Bulk post copy not working correctly
- FIX:	Improved elementor translations
- FIX:	CSS issue in mobile flag view
- FIX:	Media sync thumbnails not generated
- FIX:	Media snyced files multiple times
- FIX:	Sync trash posts not working
- FIX:	Fatal error when SKU is existing

- FIX:	Language links issue

- NEW:	Recoded the media library sync for performance
		You should delete the post meta key _mls_synced_id (that is no longer needed)
		SQL Example: DELETE FROM wp_postmeta WHERE meta_key ="_mls_synced_id"
- NEW:	Added support for multi network setups
		Using: https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-multi-network/
- NEW:	Taxonomies translation table:
- NEW:	Native support for Filter everything pro
		You need to adjust the taxonomies translation table and terms / attributes must be connected
- NEW:	Exclude Media Post items from sync
- NEW:	BETA Added oxygen builder meta key support ct_builder_json
- NEW:	Option to always sync stock
- FIX:	Issue copying unescaped my listing maps
- FIX:	Product Attributes not synced correctly
- FIX:	Wrong product HREF lang link when / missing 

- NEW:	Exclude backend sites
- NEW:	Exclude Custom Meta keys from beeing synced
- NEW:	Added suppport for My Listing Theme
- NEW:	Exclude media sync sites
- FIX:	Removed robots / bot redirect check
- FIX:	Mobile flag display
- FIX:	Link not clickable

- NEW:	Sync prodcut variation data
		As variations are NOT connected using the flag dropdown we use SKU as fallback
- NEW:	FAQ how to Create a WP Multisite
- NEW:	Country Selector SKU Product fallback
- NEW:	Added pseudo element on country selector dropdown for better usability
- NEW:	Set custom preserved HTML keys for machine translation data
- NEW:	Disable wpautop 
- NEW:	Added PL & CZ translations (DeepL)
- NEW:	Added option to only sync specific posts
- NEW:	Added Support for Plugin Filter Everything Pro
- FIX:	Disabled media syncing on wp all imports
- FIX:	Modified the error message on first installation
- FIX:	Fatal error when copy elementor data

- NEW:	Added file_get_contents error message when using microsoft translation server
- FIX:	Posts created on sync when disabled
- FIX:	Fatal error when copy
- FIX:	Cache not regenerated
- FIX:	wpmu_new_blog is deprecated
- FIX:	Removed media delete (caused issues when a blog was deleted)
- FIX:	Removed BR Tags from machine translation
- FIX:	Post & Terms transient issue when same ID
- FIX:	Flag not showing for CPT
- FIX:	Performance increase
- FIX:	Do not delete media on blog copy

- NEW:	Added Machine Translation support for Gutenberg
- NEW:	Had to add an option for Machien divi support
		this needs to be DISABLED when using Gutenberg (disabled by default)
- NEW:	Elementor copy pages with indepth data support
- NEW:	Option to disable the items connected in the overview
- FIX:	HTML Comments were removed from auto translation
- FIX;	figure & figcaption elements were removed from machine translation
- FIX:	Sync performance
- FIX:	blockquote, em & cite HTML tags removed
- FIX:	Show duplicate edit / new icons in posts overview
- FIX:	Copy elementor pages caused issue with no filtering tags

- NEW:	Sync post / product images
- NEW:	Removed extrem IP Lookup service using get.geojs.io now (free)
		API key is no longer needed
- NEW:	Flags show in custom post types overview page
- NEW:	Added support for filter everything pro widget (using default replace URL)
- NEW:	Added support for ACF Repeater Fields
- NEW:	Added segmentation support for _elementor_data key
- FIX:	Machine translation custom fields work with arrays now
- FIX:	Varchar for "type" increased to 50
- FIX:	Country names not translated in Dropdown of local language

- FIX:	BR tags removed on auto translate
- FIX:	Connected Terms not working

- NEW:	Option to remove a connected post / term
		search for "none" in connected posts select field
- FIX:	Link appeared in top bar

- NEW:	Post copier will now also copy images inside post_content,
		that have only IDs.
		Example: gallery ids="123,456" will copy images with ID 123 & 456
		and replace the Ids in the copied post
- NEW:	Support for our helpdesk plugin
- FIX:	Improved the performance dramatically (reduced nearly 200 SQL queries)
- FIX:	get_base_for_taxonomy works now also for custom post types

- NEW:	Create Multilingual Shortlink Redirects
- FIX:	Connected posts will show ALL posts now in backend
- FIX:	Current post / term ID will not show in connected posts
- FIX:	Machine translation added option for arrays
- FIX:	added a flush rewrite rules function after term sync

- NEW:	Easily switch to admin translated pages using the new 
		Admin Country Selector
- NEW:	Machine Translation Debug mode 
- FIX:	Performance increase (only using one get_admin_url query)

- NEW:	Huge performance increase in single post edit in backend
		due to using AJAX queries now
- NEW:	Bot detection to not redirect them
- FIX:	Added better DIVI support for machine translations
- FIX:	Meta keys not translated by machine translation
- FIX:	Machine translation issue with tables & span HTML tags

- NEW:	DeepL Free Support
		See: https://www.deepl.com/pro#developer
- NEW:	PHP 8.0 Support
- FIX:	Upgraded all vendor extensions

- FIX:	Auto translate removed H Tags
- FIX:	Issue with litespeed server

- NEW:	Added Translation files for
		Italian, German, French, Spanish, Dutch
- FIX: 	Product meta & data sync now support WC lookup table chaching

- FIX:	Post im export disabled by default now
- FIX:	IP redirection issue

- NEW:	Automatic IP redirection
		FAQ: https://www.welaunch.io/en/knowledge-base/faq/how-does-the-wp-multisite-language-redirect-work/
- NEW:	Set a custom country selector blog name & flag image URL
- FIX:	Redirect uses 302 now for best practices
- FIX:	Too many redirects for excluding sites

- NEW:	In Backend the excluded sites will still show
- NEW:	Moved CSS into footer
- NEW:	HTML lang attribute now uses alternate tag set
- FIX:	Default lang not available in machine translation
- FIX:	Flag icons loaded locally now
- FIX: 	Strong & B Tags broke translation

- FIX:	Auto redirect not working from master site when excluded
- FIX:	Fallback URL not working

- FIX:	Country + Languages not translateable
- FIX:	Excludede sites do not execute JS & CSS anymore
- FIX:	Updated POT & PO Files

- NEW:	Improved DeepL Machien translation
- NEW:	Added a Filter for custom taxonomy bases
		An example can be found here: https://www.welaunch.io/en/knowledge-base/faq/custom-taxonomy-translation-base-url-filter/
- FIX:	Removed wp_die exceptions so that machine translation still continues even on errors
- FIX:	Translator enable option stil showed meta boxes in backend
- FIX:	Country selector not visible on smaller screens
- FIX:	Terms machine translation not working properly

- FIX:	Product attribute syncing issues
- FIX:	Fallback URL missed a slash
- FIX:	PHP notices
- INFO:	When you meta sync product prices, make sure you sync _regular_price,_sale_price,_price

- FIX:	Moved updater into weLaunch framework

- NEW:	Dropped Redux Framework support and added our own framework 
		Read more here: https://www.welaunch.io/en/2021/01/switching-from-redux-to-our-own-framework
		This ensure auto updates & removes all gutenberg stuff
		You can delete Redux (if not used somewhere else) afterwards
- FIX:	PHP Notices

- FIX:	Having only one translated site caused auto redirection not working

- FIX:	Lang & Country Options in wp-admin > general are now prefixed
		!!! IMPORTANT !!! You need to update the options for each site again !!!
- FIX:	Endpoint issue with product links

- NEW:	Add multiple menus to country selector
- FIX:	Mobile country selector dropdown CSS
- FIX:	Redirect check if only 1 blog exists

- NEW:	Machine Translate comments
- FIX:	Added redirect checks
- FIX:	Sync function returned to wrong data and redirected wrong

- FIX:	Product category base URL echo
- FIX:	Wrong product URL base

- FIX:	Select2 container full width
- FIX:	Molly payment issue
- FIX:	Rolled back to guzzle version 6.0 (PHP5 Support)

- FIX:	DeepL PHP error

- FIX:	Updated all vendor libraries to latest version
- FIX:	Mollie Payment issue (Guzzle library)
- FIX:	Default categories still set

- FIX:	Meta data not syncing / updated

- NEW:	Generate WC lookup tables after product copy
- FIX:	Removed Google Free Translate from Settings
- FIX:	After copy redirect default set to false

- NEW:	Default terms no longer gets synced (e.g. uncategorized)
- NEW:	Sync terms removes existing ones
- NEW:	Sync terms now also work for WooCommerce attributes
- NEW:	WooCommerce Attributes will be copied including terms (slug should be the same)
- NEW:	WooCommerce Variations will be created when copied
- NEW:	Post children will get copied
- NEW:	Post copier now also copies custom taxonomies 
- NEW:	Post copier registers non existing taxonomies
- NEW:	Backend adjustments (post_data keys now select field) PLEASE CHECK YOUR SETTINGS
- FIX:	PHP notices

- NEW:	Posts translation overview tables
- NEW:	Init translation tables
		Clicking the button below will initially fill the translation tables. Click this when you installed our plugin in an existing WordPress Multisite.
- FIX:	Issue with term attributes not saved correctly
- FIX:	Prevent type from beeing deleted when post updated (preparation over overview table)

- NEW:	Dropped redux sites_select function
- FIX:	removed google translate free (Google no longer offers this)
- FIX:	Updated composer files

- FIX:	Create / Edit icons not visible in post / pages overview
- FIX:	Font awesome icons changed
- FIX:	Additional select2 issues

- FIX:	Font awesome admin updated
- FIX:	Select2 only executed on single posts in backend

- NEW:	Machine translation issues fixed
- NEW:	Sync all data default value set to true
- FIX:	Changed machine translation class loading priority to support custom post types
- FIX:	PHP notices
- FIX:	Return if menu position not specified (otherwise it got added to all items)
- FIX:	Country selector options more understandable

- NEW:	Sync create will now also create meta data 
		-> Create a product in one site, it will be created with all meta data in all enabled subsites
- NEW:	Term sync including creation + parent term creation & assignments (UNIQUE)
- NEW:	Copy posts will create parent terms
- NEW:	Improved Sync admin panel
- NEW:	Post copier issues
- NEW:	Added shortcode label parameter for machine translation
- FIX:	Machine translation now removes all non utf8 chars
- FIX:	Google Translate malformed JSON

- NEW:	Increased max flags to 14 and show on terms also
- NEW:	Image copier using file name now
- NEW:	Select2 field for post / page selection
- FIX:	Linked posts show draft, trash etc.
- FIX:	Deleting a site now also deleted the UNIQUE INDEX from table (avoid 64 max index)

- NEW:	Limited the view of flags in post overviews to 10
- FIX:	Show flags / linked posts on excluded sites

- NEW:	Machine Translation Data Segmentation
		-> Support for HTML inside HTML tags e.g. links, bold, strong texts
		-> Support for shortcodes variables "text", "heading" and "tooltip"
- FIX:	Cleaned / shortend the languages
- FIX:	Country selector dropdown not working on some themes

- FIX:	Options panel broken

- NEW:	Theme mods now also supported
- NEW:	Switched wp_set_post_terms to wp_set_object_terms for custom post type taxonomy support
- NEW:	Added info window in general settings to show where to find site settings
- NEW:	Moved default source language to machine translation settings
- NEW:	Added examples in general settings for alternate & local settings
- FIX:	Override blog settings not working
- FIX:	Added is_wp_error check for image upload

- NEW:	Image debug in advanced settings. Enable this when product images do not get copied over
- NEW:	When copying posts and terms do not exists they will be created an linked automatically
- NEW:	It is now possible to copy the MAIN blog (id 1)

- NEW:	Remove white spaces from API keys to avoid errors
- FIX:	Categories for blog id 1 not translated correctly
- FIX:	Switched table creation to utf8_general_ci to support older databases
- FIX:	PHP Notice

- FIX:	Machine Translation Gutenberg support (changed button with a checkbox)
- FIX:	Shop page URL not connected correctly
- FIX:	php notice check variable

- FIX:	Copy blog / site performance
- FIX:	Copy site not matched post / term translations
- FIX:	Machine translation enabled

- NEW:	User Sync, Create / Delete Posts on Sync, Images gets copied
		Settings: https://imgur.com/a/l1DQE5H
- NEW:	User Sync (new registered users can be added to all blogs)
- NEW:	Delete or Trash connected posts on Sync
- NEW:	Sync all post Data / All post Meta fields instead of defining each separately
- NEW:	Copy posts also now copies the feature image + product gallery images
- FIX:	Redirect to default site also for backend
- FIX:	Sorting no longer possible in backend
- FIX:	Error message when terms edited and enter pressed

- NEW:	Auto redirection to best language
- NEW:	Copy complete blog functionality
- FIX:	Source blog not available
- FIX:	Posts not showing in dropdown

- Inital release

- sync child posts (product variations)
- sync woo orders? not possible (dup IDs)
- sync terms same as done for posts incl. term image

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