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WooCommerce Show Variations as Single Products

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With our WooCommerce Single Variations plugin you are able to show all product variations as own products in the shop or category pages.

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Show Single Variations

Do it like Amazon or other big eCommerce shops! Display variants of your products within the shop and category pages of WooCommerce.

There are 2 main reasons why you should show variable products as single ones: 

  1. Users can directly view & add variations to their cart
  2. It increases your SEO traffic by creating more specific internal links
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custom variation title

Dynamic or Custom Variation Product Titles

Our unique dynamic title functionality makes it easy for you to change the variation products title. Simply define a Title & Attribute template, configure the appendix and you are done! A product then will show as “T-Shirt in Color Grey and Size 30” (Product Title in Attribute Name with Attribute Value).

Not satisfied by our automatic titles? No problem you can also define a custom title for each variation within the settings.

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Search Supported

of course the default WooCommerce product search is fully supported. So when customers search for “hoodies” for example, they will see a result list with all hoodie variations.

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Search shows Variations
Filters show Variations

Filters Supported

Same as the search, also all default WooCommerce attribute filters are well supported. For example when people filter by black, they will see a list of all black variation products.

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Exclude Attributes, Products or Categories

Most fashion shops only want to show their different color variations, but not size variations. Our plugin is the only one where you can exclude for example the size attribute to not show in your product categories.

In addition you can exclude variable products, single variations or complete product categories with ease.

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exclude attributes from single variations
simple settings panel

Easy Admin Panel

A simple, but intuitive admin panel gives you the opportunity to turn variable products into variations with just a few clicks.

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1 review for WooCommerce Show Variations as Single Products

  1. lammers007

    If you look for the best plugin to show variations as single products, choose this one. You will not regret it. Quickly installed and configured in about 5 minutes – they also have a video tutorial.
    The price for this plugin and their support is unbeatable!

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How to Exclude Attributes / Variations

Some shops have shirts with 2 variation attributes - one for the color and one for the size. That would for example be 20 variations if you have 2 colors and 10 sizes (10 x 2). An example here, you can see the size variation displays for each...

How to show the second variation image on hover WooCommerce

By default WooCommerce does not display single variations in the shop loop. Woo also does not allow to add additional variation images. That is why you will need two plugins Plugin to show single variations in your shop Additional Variation...


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