If you want to show all stores by default you need adjust the radius, default lat / lng and max result values:

  • Map Settings
    • Adjust your default lat / lng to a center of all stores
    • Add a high value to the Radius Select Steps like 999
    • Set the default radius to the above highest radius (e.g. 999)
  • Result List
    • Set the Maximum Results to a high number
set a default high map radius
set a default high map radius

4 thoughts on “Show all Stores by Default

  1. Tom says:


    Your suggestion to load initialy with 999 radius solves the main task, but generates another issue.
    We loose the “get nearest places” function with radius 999.

    It would be nice to use the “show all by default” feature without loosing the function of “get nearest places” with radius 20.

    Tip: What your “show all stores” button does would be perfect for the task. (like this: http://prntscr.com/qs9nvp)
    Can we get that fuction to load by shortcode or url parameter?


    • WeLaunch says:

      Well the nearest place will stay show of you set the order to distance. Keeping two radius however is not possible.

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