Digital Advertising 

Hooray you just launched your new webshop. But how do you continue? Don’t expect sales or traffic by magic. You need to invest in advertising – where you can, and how you can. Give us the scepter of advertising and we drive traffic & sales to your website with success. 

Do you want to increase Sales & Traffic?

The fastest way of generating more sales, traffic and conversions is through investing in advertising. But you need to invest smart:

  • Invest $100 and get $500 sales. Never invest $100 and get $50. 
  • Choose the correct Advertising Platforms (SEA, SMM or Affiliate)
  • Track and Analyse

We help you with setting up a digital advertising strategy.

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3 Steps to Success

01 Define your Goal

What do you want to advertise? Every agency will ask you this question. Let it be one product, a product category, a landinpage or a service. At the beginning it is important to know what you want to achieve. These so called Goals are important, and they should be trackable & measurable.

Explore Goal Definition

02 Ad Development

Depening on what you want to achieve, we setup the ads for you. If you want to increase brand awareness we implement Display Ads. If you want to increase sales, we use SEA leading to a special landingpage and later do remarketing. All custom tailored to your business type.

Explore Ad Development

03 Monitor & Optimize

Ads are running now – but do not think the work is done. Now the work starts! Why is Ad X not performing? Should we remove this keyword? We take care about monitoring and optimizing your ads campaign during the complete run time. In addition we send you reports and recommendations. 

Explore monitoring

Goal Definintion

Ask yourself what you want to promote. A special new product, that you just launched. Or an existing cash cow product, where suddenly a competitor want to get some piece of your cake? Whatever reason or product it is, you should be clear what you want to advertise and how you want to measure your success. In most cases it is an online purchase, but sometimes it can just be an Email lead.

  • You know what you want to promote
  • We analyse the best advertising tools for your product
  • We define your goals and how to measure them
digital advertising goals

Ad development

After getting to know your product & goals, we will analyse according keywords. After that we start with creating appealing ads in our recommended channels. To drive the most traffic to your website, your ads should be interesting for the customer who searches.

You get:

  • Keyword setup
  • Well written Ad texts
  • Appealing web Banners
  • HTML5 Responsive Ads
ad development

Monitor & Optimize

After pressing the “Run Ads” button, you should not lean back. Now the work starts in optimizing & analyzing your ad campaigns. 

  • Keyword monitoring & optimizing
  • Improving Ads (add, stop, adjust)
  • Compare conversions to spent money (ROI)
SEO monitoring

You’re in good company

Below customer’s quotes underline our quality.

In the first launch we did not run any advertising for our baby toys shop sindibaba. Now we do Google Ads, Google Shopping, Facebook & Instagram ads. It affords some testing before you find the most valuable channel, but now we generate more sales than ever.

Together with weLaunch we promote our just launched online shop to buy provisional power of attorney documents with great success. Our sales are increasing and compared to spent money we can come to the conclusion, that it was the right decision.

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