Not all stores are displayed?

If you are missing some stores or if not all stores are displayed in our WordPress store locator, then you need to increase the maximum results.

You can increase the maximum results in the option panel inside Settings > Result List > Maximum Results

increase maximum results in wp store locator
increase maximum results in wp store locator


3 thoughts on “Not all stores are displayed?

  1. Arthur says:

    I am trying to use this plugin to display my client’s offices around the world but am only getting results based off my location vs showing the global results. Wondering if this is possible at all?

  2. Olav A. Dybdahl says:

    Hi, shops with same address dont show. Can I use floor or something to differ them? We have this problem on a page. Will this plugin not work if you have shops in skyscrapers?

    • Daniel says:

      In this case, you can sightly change the last number of the lat / lng for the store. Then both will display.

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