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WordPress Store Locator Shortcodes

Create a Search for Store Page

If you want to create a page without the map and just the search fields like in our Demo you can use the following shortcode: Make sure you...

Use the Nearest Store Shortcode

Below is the shortcode to display nearest store to the users location. It shows the store name + address and is linked to the single store page. Also it shows the opening hours for this store. [wordpress_store_locator_nearest_store...

Wordpress Store Locator Listing Shortcode

In version 1.13.0 we introduced a new Store locator listing shortcode. You can define a key, that you want to use for grouping (e.g. country). Then all stores within a country will display in a listing accordion by that...

WordPress Store Locator Shortcodes

Store Locator Shortcode To place the store locator just create a new page and insert the following shortcode: New from Version 1.4.1: Shortcode attributes to create multiple maps with different categories. See here how...

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