The Google Consent mode is not fairly new, but since the V2 will be required in March 2024 for some services like Adwords Remarketing, it becomes more important to comply with it. With Google Consent Mode V2 WordPress owners need to add additional parameters to their GA4 or Adwords tracking based on users preferences. These are:

  • ad_user_data
  • ad_personalization

For more technical details see the Upgrade Guide. But no worries! Our WordPress GPDR plugin has already covered all these requirements.

However you need to adjust some settings in our plugin. We have 2 guides, one when using tag manager and when not using the tag manager. Please follow the one you need (we recommend using Tag Manager).

Since V2.0.1: Enable consent mode V2 in general settings.

enable consent mode v2 support

When using NO Google Tag Manager

  1. Update to latest version 2.0.0 (preferable in a staging site first)
  2. Open the services page
  3. Open Google Analytics / Google Remarketing / Adwords service
  4. Enable the checkboxes “is google Analytics / Adwords?”)
  5. Save

That is it. When a user accepts the Analytics service for example, the new consents will be adjusted.

google consent mode v2 states
wordpress check google analytics service

When using Google Tag Manager

Please watch this video Guide below.

Download GTM Template

Unzip after download.

Important information:

  • The event trigger we use when consents are changed is: consent_change
  • The variable of the service is consents.SERVICE NAME
    E.g. consents.Google Analytics
  • Consents should be set to false by default
  • Remove all head / body code scripts in our service settings when using Google Tag Manager

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