WooCommerce Multi Inventory Locations


Create & use multiple inventory locations, warehouses and stores in WooCommerce. Manage stocks worldwide, reduce shipping costs & set custom shipping methods + rates. Multi Stock management made easy.

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Multi Warehouse Inventory

Our plugin helps you to easily distribute all your products to multiple warehouses or stores. Manage multiple inventory location stocks, setup smart shipping routing and save time & money.

  • Multi Warehouse Inventory
  • Create unlimited inventory locations
  • Use order routing to reduce shipping time & costs
  • Manage all stocks from a single dashboard
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nearest inventory store popup

Intuitive nearest Store Location Popup

Optionally you can let your customers choose the nearest store to their current location. Our plugin automatically suggests a closest inventory and also provides more ones, if the suggested one is not his favourite.

  • Automatic nearest store suggestion
  • HTML5 Geolocation powered
  • Reuse the popup for later location changes
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Setup Unlimited Inventory Locations

Create unlimited inventory locations in your WooCommerce shop with ease. Add additional contact information, image, latitude & longitude data and choose between fronted or backend inventory type.

  • Create unlimited warehouses, stores or inventory locations
  • Add description, image, address, lat / lng & contact data
  • Choose between frontend or backend inventory
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woocommerce multiple inventory locations
product page label display
product page select display
product page radio display

3 Product Page Styles

When product page display is enabled you can choose between 3 different styles, the customer can see in your store.

  • Label Style
    Show a small hint for his selected location with the option to change it
  • Select Style
    Show a select / dropdown field with all inventory warehouses
  • Radio Style
    Show all inventories in a radio list
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Smart Inventory Stock Manager

Stop editing stocks manually for each product. Use our built-in smart inventory stock manager and update stocks for all products from a single dashboard with ease.

  • Manage all stocks from a single dashboard
  • Automatic frontend & backend stock total calculation
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Google Distance MAtrix

Order Routing

When you like to hide inventory selection for customers on the frontend, you can configure the backend inventory order flow yourself. We have more than 4 methods you can select from:

  1. Choose nearest Inventory
    Uses Google Distance Matrix to calculate the distance between the inventory and the customer’s shipping address
  2. Inventory with most stock
  3. Warehouse with lowest stock
  4. Custom inventory
  5. Order by Name
  6. Sort by custom WP term order
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Excel Inventory Stock Imports & Exports

Beside our inventory manager our plugin offers a built in stock im- & exporter functionality based on Excel (xls or xlsx) files. Built on AJAX it supports even importing large files with many multiple products.

  • Import inventory stocks
  • Export all stocks per product including custom inventories
  • Handle unlimited number of products
woocommerce inventory stock importer


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Documentation & FAQs

Here you will find the documentation for our WooCommerce Multi Inventory Locations & Warehouses plugin.

Setup WooCommerce Multi Inventory Plugin

When you have correctly installed our WooCommerce Multi Inventory Locations plugin, we can start setting it up. Open up the admin panel and you will see a few new navigation menus: WooCommerce > Multi Inventory WooCommerce...

Create Multiple Inventory Locations in WooCommerce

To create multiple inventory locations or warehouses in WooCommerce simply go into your backend first. Then navigate to Products > Inventories.  From here you can see, manage, delete, edit and create multiple inventories....

Use the Smart Inventory Stock Manager in WooCommerce

Instead of managing the stock quantities of each product manually, you can use our Smart Inventory Stock Manager. From this single dashboard you can see & search for all products. This includes simple, but also variation...

WooCommerce Multi Inventory Shortcodes

Our WooCommerce Multi Inventory Plugin has built in shortcodes you can use: Change Inventory Shortcode This shortcode can be used in...

Multi Inventory Germanized Support

In order to support the Germanized plugin in combination with our multi Inventory plugin you need to follow the below actions: Go to WooCommerce Settings Open Germanized Click on General > Checkout Disable the "Don't Allow customers to...

Where is Multi Inventory Stock Data Saved?

In our WooCommerce Multi Inventory plugin the stock and price information per product is saved in custom meta fields called: woocommerce_multi_inventory_inventories_stockwoocommerce_multi_inventory_prices The data saved is a serialized array...

WooCommerce Multi Inventory REST API

Starting with Version 1.3 of our WooCommerce Multi Inventory Plugin we offer a built in REST API functionality. This allows vendors or other customers to fetch multi inventory stocks, locations and more. REST API Base The Base for all multi...

Update WC Multi Inventories using WP All Import

Beside our REST API you can also use WP All import to import multiple inventories into your WooCommerce products. We decide between having one inventory stock file or multiple files. One Inventory Import file To import one inventory file, you...

Zero 0 stock when using Multi Inventory Plugin

When using our multi inventory plugin you may get a problem when you update a product in your site, that it sets the stock to zero for the WooCommerce stock. This is caused because our plugin uses the sum of all frontend inventories to...

Selected WooCommerce Inventory not shown in cart

In some cases a selected inventory on the WooCommerce product page will not be chosen and added to cart. The issue here is, that our multi inventory select or input fields must be inside the default WooCommerce cart FORM element. Otherwise it...

Difference between frontend and backend inventory stock?

When you edit an inventory in products > inventories, you can set an inventory to frontend OR backend. Frontend = Purchaseable by a customer Backend = Only visible in backend when you edit an order Purchaseing Warehouse = like...

I am unable to open the Manage Inventory page (Smart Inventory management)

When you are unable to open the Manage Inventory page (Smart Inventory management) it mostly is due to the amount of products. Our inventory manager for WooCommerce is loading all products inside a datatable. When you get an error it times out...


# Changelog
- NEW:	Variation inventory prices show in category & product pages
- NEW:	Improved radius distance option
- FIX:	Virtual products showing stock when not empty allowed
- FIX:	Wrong inventory selected when order flow always disabled, 
		but product not in inventory stock
- FIX:	Max quantity changed even though modify stock quantity was disabled

- NEW:	Shortcode accepts product_id (or uses default product)
		to hide empty inventories when enabled
- NEW:	Show product stock in popup
- NEW:	2 hooks
- NEW:	Option to use geojs IP to country service
- NEW:	ORder spliting accepts item meta
- FIX:	Cookie set wrong name in backend
- FIX:	Get variation AJAX call improvements
- FIX:	Inventory manager showed wrong total frontend stock when 
		modify stock inventory was enabled in plugin settings

- FIX:	Fatal error when using restrict cart

- NEW:	When always use order flow enabled, it will also
		be used when a user adds product to cart
- NEW:	Show inventory description in Emails
- NEW:	Performance improvements
- FIX:	Quick view variable inventory show issue
- FIX:	Wrong quantity shown in label product page view
- FIX:	Inventories not shown when geolocation disabled
- FIX:	Issue when purchasing warehouse has string stock
- FIX:	Issue when inventories ahad the same lat / lng
- FIX:	Max quantity for on bacorder products

- NEW:	Search field in popup with autocomplete function
- NEW:	Inventories are loaded via AJAX for performance
- NEW:	Delivery costs per Inventory
- NEW:	Mixed cart inventories info text
- NEW:	Order splitting
- NEW:	Advanced settings > Variations Add terms option
- NEW:	Popup list view layout
- NEW:	Switch Inventory in cart
- NEW:	Set payment / shipping methods in Click & Collect
- NEW:	OVerride Shipping address with inventory data
- NEW:	Disable Geolocation in Popup
- NEW:	Warhouse inventories
- FIX:	?location param got added to mailto  & tel links
- FIX:	WPML issue when changing stock in backend order
- FIX:	Replaced ?location parameter with ?inventory (IIS issue)
- FIX:	order inventory taxonomy terms not updated when updating an order inventory manually

- NEW:	Important change in label text:
- NEW:	Click & collect:
- NEW:	Popup Layout 2
- NEW:	Delivery Time per Inventory
- NEW:	Default Inventory
- NEW:	Inventory choosen on add to cart will be set as default inventory
- NEW:	Option to reduce stock on pending payments
- NEW:	Start Support for HPOS
- NEW:	Added support for on backorder
- NEW:	Delivery fees & radius shipping
- NEW:	Use Google Geocoding instead of Distance matrix to save costs
- NEW:	Inventory calculation is done now BEFORE product is added to cart
- NEW: 	Popup speed up caching geolocaiton for 1 hour
- FIX:	Country order flow skips empty inventories and tries to find next ones
- FIX:	PHP Notice & Warning

- NEW:	Show stock information on category level
- NEW:	Added support for woocommerce_quantity_input_max
- FIX:	JS Syntax error, unrecognized expression: #?location=
- FIX:	Using only backend order flow checkes stock amount uncorrectly

- NEW:	Added support for WC bundles plugin
- NEW:	Added out / in stock CSS class return for filter
- NEW:	REST API controller update inventory terms
- FIX:	Inventory manager checks product name exists to avoid orphaned variations to show
- FIX:	Product page text only > variations show missing data
- FIX:	woocommerce_add_cart_item_data does not retun cart_item_data on wrong validation
- FIX:	Recoded the validate cart hook
- FIX:	h not defined error

- NEW:	?location Parameter now overrides cookie and seleted location
- FIX:	Support for themes using old shortcode paraemter with 2 instead of 3 arguments

- NEW:	Restock unpaid orders (BETA)
- NEW:	Update all page links adding current location ID
- NEW:	products shortcode attribute: inventory
- FIX:	Fatal error in admin php file
- FIX:	Out of Stock Variations can be added to cart

- NEW:	Inventory User Access
- NEW:	Restrict inventory in cart to one
- NEW:	Always use order flow
- NEW:	Variation support for text and textOnlySelected
- FIX: 	Backend edit not working
- FIX:	Inventory Image with in backend decreased to 200px
- FIX:	Cart item meta contains inventory ID even for backend order flows only

- NEW:	Change stock quantity display
- NEW:	Option to enable / disable Inventory in Emails
- NEW:	Added 10 more hooks to product page positon
		(these are for info / showing only - not tested with form submit)
- FIX:	Stock not working when a product was not available
		in the DEFAULT WPML language
- FIX:	Updated all Translations

- NEW:	Use order flow fallback on product pages when stock is empty
- NEW:	Stock text field 
- NEW:	Support on variation level for stock availability
- NEW:	Custom Inventory Order can now be edited
- FIX:	Logger not logging correct
- FIX:	Added missing popup text strings to WPML
- FIX:	Product page order not working
- FIX:	Inventory price set to 0 when added to cart
- FIX:	Error for orphaned products in multi inventory manager
- FIX:	Variation updates update variable parent products inventory terms
- FIX:	Variation support for label fields

- FIX:	Inventory ID not set

- NEW:	Rewritten the checkout validation
- FIX:	Most / Lowest stock order not working

- NEW:	"By Country" Order Flow 
		Set countries you ship to on inventory level, 
		our plugin will then take users shipping / billing country
		and match them
- NEW:	Text (only selected inventory) display option
- NEW:	Select2 in Backend
- FIX:	Empty stock unset inventory term connection

- NEW:	Added variation support for select fields
- NEW:	Redirect popup change inventory with a query parameter
		(first step to avoid caching issues)
- NEW:	Reload page after location changed
- FIX:	When inventory stock was not set, but custom price
		it should not show the price
- FIX:	Inventories not show up

- NEW:	Hide unavailable Products in Categories & Listings
- NEW:	Modify Price when inventory selected
- NEW:	Modify Stock Quantity
- NEW:	WPML Support
- NEW:	Added an option for select plaholder:
- NEW:	Hidden Display Option
- NEW:	Enable / Disable inventory required
		Allow Products to be added to cart that has empty (not zero) stock
- FIX:	Optimized the stock management on variation level

- NEW:	Set custom prices per inventory
- NEW:	Only show stock info text option:
- NEW:	Inventory Logger
- NEW:	Completely rewritten the way stocks are updated in order to work with failed & cancelled orders
- NEW:	Customer can not change the quantity higher than available in cart
- FIX:	Inventory manager reduced ajax call & implemented loading spinner
- FIX:	Inventory Importer not updating total frontend Stock

- NEW:	See inventories + stock in products overview page
- NEW:	Added support for our Store Locator Plugin
- NEW:	When importing excel files, the total frontend stock
		get automatically calculated
- NEW:	Import stocks by SKU (fallback when ID is empty)
- NEW:	Added shortcode for product pages
- FIX:	The inventory manager works with change + keyup now

- FIX:	Shop managers can't access inventory manager
- FIX:	Multiple issues

- Initial release

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