Starting with Version 1.3 of our WooCommerce Multi Inventory Plugin we offer a built in REST API functionality. This allows vendors or other customers to fetch multi inventory stocks, locations and more.


The Base for all multi inventory calls of our API is “/wc/multi-inventory/v1/”. A full call would include also your site URL and wp-json of course.

This is an example full base:


Get Inventories

The first REST API Call is to get all inventory locations.


Get Product Inventory Stocks

To get the inventory stock data for a product you can use the stock call. Parameters for the call are: sku or product_id. Example:



sku OR product_id

Update Product Inventory Stocks

To update a product with inventory stock information use the stock call as POST.



sku OR product_id
inventory (inventory id)

Get Inventory Orders

If you need all orders by inventory ID, use the orders call. Parameter is inventory (containing your inventory ID).


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