When using our multi inventory plugin you may get a problem when you update a product in your site, that it sets the stock to zero for the WooCommerce stock.

This is caused because our plugin uses the sum of all frontend inventories to calculate the default product stock that gets displayed.

So you need to make sure your inventories are set to frontend.

4 thoughts on “Zero 0 stock when using Multi Inventory Plugin

  1. Dillon lara says:

    Where is this setting found? It says we need to “make sure your inventories are set to frontend” but it doesn’t specify where this setting is located.

    • Daniel says:

      We are not sure what you mean? Response to what? Have you opened a ticket? Then please respond to your ticket and we will help you asap.

  2. Luis says:

    The setting can be found in “Inventories” under the “Products” wp-admin page, edit each inventory and ensure that the “frontend” checkbox is selected.

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