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WooCommerce Variations Table

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With our WooCommerce Plugin you can easily turn your Variations into a dynamic Table. Use DataTables to make your Variables sortable, filterable or searchable. You can even add buttons to print, export or create a PDF of your variation table with ease.

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WooCommerce Variations to Table Plugin

Products in WooCommerce stores often vary in size, style, and color. However, navigating between different product variations can be time-consuming. Thankfully, the new WooCommerce Variations Table plugin changes this.

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turn WooCommerce variations into a table

WooCommerce Table Variations Vs. Select Fields

In WooCommerce, product variations are filtered manually by selecting different select fields. The Woocommerce Variations Table plugin changes this by transforming all product variations into fast-loading responsive table entries.

  • Variation tables allow customers to quickly filter products by color, size, and current availability
  • Tables can be configured to display products from similar store categories
  • Store owners can choose what attributes to display in tables and in what order
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Easily Organize all
WooCommerce Product Attributes & Variations

With every WooComerce table, store owners specify what information should be displayed and in what order.

Tables can be configured to display different color, style, and price variations. Store owners can also specify how many items are currently in stock. Much more importantly, all product variations are accompanied by fast-loading images, order quantity fields, and add to cart buttons.

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easy variations table backend settings
filter variations by color

Faster Filtering for Smoother Shopping Experiences

Using select fields to filter through product variations can be tedious.

A customer might be delighted by a particular product. However, it can take several clicks to ascertain whether a product is available in a specific size, style, or color. Variations Tables changes this by allowing page visitors to filter products much faster.

  • Variation tables allow page visitors to filter products in seconds
  • Faster filtering results in lower page bounce rates and fewer abandoned shopping carts
  • Showing similar products in tables can help store owners upsell while giving customers more buying options
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Live Filtering & Easy Data Export

The WooCommerce Variations Table plugin uses live filtering and Ajax to asynchronously add items to shopping carts. Customers are, therefore, prevented from ordering items which might have just gone out of stock. Also, all table data is fully exportable in CSV, Excel, PDF, and direct Print format.

export WooCommerce variations as excel
limit access

Limit Variations Table Access to Specific Users

As a WooCommerce store owner, you might cater to both individual and wholesale customers. The WooCommerce Variations Table plugin, therefore allows site admins to restrict table access to specific store users.

When access to tables is restricted, individual customers will be served standard product listing views. Wholesale customers, meanwhile, will be presented with tables which they can use to filter and order products on an individual or bulk basis.

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5 reviews for WooCommerce Variations Table

  1. Lelantos

    A nice addition for our wholesale product pages.
    Worked out of the box.

  2. megalex

    Great design quality, flexibility and customizability.
    And last not but least: great customer support!

  3. jenexler

    Great documtent, developer friendly (you can modify options via filters with ease) and outstanding support.

    Can only recommend this plugin and the feature availability. Fast reponseses from Author guaranteed.

  4. bare123

    Great plugin to turn our Variations into a nice, flexible and responsive Table. Filtering via Datatables is a plus point for this great plugin.

  5. Amoditer

    The plugin is great, and the support too!
    Thank you!!

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How can I style the Variations Table

If you want to change the style of the variations table you need to work with custom CSS. For example if you want to change the header-background color you can insert the following custom Styles into your Child Themes > Custom...

How to add Line Breaks and make Columns smaller in variations table

If attribute columns for example are too long and there is no line break, please add this custom CSS: #variations-table-header-at { width: 100px !important; max-width: 100px !important; } table.dataTable.nowrap th, table.dataTable.nowrap td...


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