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WooCommerce PDF Catalog

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With our WooCommerce PDF Catalog plugin you are able to export your complete Shop as a PDF. Export full or just product categories – you can decide. Add a cover image, show a table of contents and customize the layout just as you like.

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Export your WooCommerce Products as PDF

Sometimes customers prefer digital or printed PDF catalogs, that they can browse through. May it be, because they currently do not have internet connection or are tired of looking on their smartphone. For those cases we have the solution. Our WooCommerce PDF Catalog plugin lets your customers export a local file with all products.

  • Export Full or Category specific Product PDF Catalogs
  • Generate Wishlist or Cart PDF catalogs
  • Fully configurable including more than 50 Templates

Multiple WooCommerce PDF Catalog templates

More than 50 Templates

1 column, 2 columns, text left, image right – whatever template you need we got you covered. Choose from more than 4 product category styles and more than 9 different product layouts with ease.

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Unlimited Plugin Settings

In current plugin version we offer more than 200 setting options. And with each update there are new interesting functionalities for you to explore. All settings are clearly grouped in about 20 sections, so you can keep an overview. This contains:

  • Layout Options
  • Data to Show options
  • Cover & Backcover Settings
  • Table of Contents & Index
  • Performance Options
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PDF Catalog Admin Settings
cover table of contents index

Show Cover, ToC and Index

Give your WooCommerce PDF catalog some personality and add a custom cover or back cover image with ease. To keep an overview you can enable a table of contents containing all your product categories. At the end of the catalog you are able to set an index containing product name or SKU and link to the corresponding page.

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Works with 3rd Party Plugins

Do not worry about 3rd party plugin support. We covered most of important WordPress plugins out there and added support for these. Some examples are:

  • Wholesale Prices
  • WPML
  • Yoast SEO
  • WooCommerce Wishlist
  • WooCommerce Group Attributes
  • and more …
3rd-party support

Example shop PDF exports

With over 100 different options you are free to export your shop as a PDF file just as you like. Set a custom header and footer, select 1 of more than 35 layout, exclude product categories and much more.

  • Customize the header / footer as you like.
  • Create an index at the last page with anchors
  • Exclude product categories or products

WooCommerce Catalog Creator Benefits

Bulk buyers and wholesalers don’t always have time to sit and peruse full product catalogs online. The new WooCommerce PDF Catalog Creator, therefore, provides site admins with an easy way to create high-quality product brochures ready for print and download.

Unlike when printing copied text, the PDF Catalog plugin organizes all listing data into professionally rendered PDF files.

  • Listing images and layouts are preserved
  • PDF catalog designs are generated in advance by site admins and can be made available for instant download
  • Catalogs can be configured to feature high-quality covers and automatically generated tables of contents
pdf catalog benefits
export buttons

Create a Catalog for Your Full Store or a Specific Store Category

With the WooCommerce PDF Catalog Creator, site admins can create professional catalogs for their entire store inventory. Alternatively, professional looking brochures can be created for individual product categories. After download, these can then be printed or perused using any desktop or mobile device PDF viewer.

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Easy Catalog Customization Options

To help users create sleek and sophisticated looking product catalogs, the WooCommerce PDF Catalog Creator provides users with several high-quality customization options.

  • PDF catalogs can be created with custom page headers and footers
  • Catalogs can include professional looking cover and index pages
  • WooComerce product listings can be displayed in several different formats
  • Category pages can be configured to feature introductory text and custom illustrations
  • Store owners specify what data catalog product listings should display and how product listings are organized
pdf cover settings

Easily Link Offline & Online Catalog Listings

PDF catalogs are invaluable to customers whom source products from several different online vendors. However, when perusing products, customers still prefer to have direct access to online listings.

To give catalog users direct access to products online, each catalog listing can be configured to include ‘Read More’ URLs and clickable category tags. When clicked by users perusing catalogs on PCs and mobile devices, product and category pages will then open automatically in user web browsers.

Extra Texts & Custom Styling

To add a professional look to WooCommerce product brochures, catalogs can be configured to display custom text and calls to action. Site admins can also include Google fonts and custom font sizes throughout. As a bonus, options to download brochures can be configured for specific store users such as wholesale clients and third-party product distributors.

Product & Category Exclusions

WooCommerce store owners regularly experiment with temporary product listings and promotions. Exporting all category and store inventory to PDF can, therefore, be somewhat counterproductive. Thankfully, the WooCommerce PDF Catalog Creator plugin allows users to exclude specific products and categories before PDFs are generated.

exclusions in pdf catalog
example product PDF leaflet

Want to export single products?

Instead of exporting all products in one PDF file, we also offer a plugin for exporting single products. This extension exports single product pages into PDF leaflets, print or Word file with a simple click.

Same as this plugin, you will get multiple styling and theme options.

WooCommerce Print Products PDF

7 reviews for WooCommerce PDF Catalog

  1. bbqg8r

    Great plugin. We had a concern about it before installing and developer responded quickly. Then, we purchased it, found a small glitch and the developer provided a fix within 24 hours.

    We use another plugin by a different developer for role based pricing and this plugin works fine with that plugin too. The customization features are very nice and robust for our needs.

  2. minias81

    Top Features!! Great Work!

  3. Daniel Barenkamp

    Awesome customer support, I was having difficulties making the plugin work properly but the developer solved all the issues! Thank you so much!

  4. Daniel Barenkamp

    Quick reply, great know-how.

  5. Daniel Barenkamp


  6. Daniel Barenkamp

    Amazing Job! I never do reviews but you saved me so much time and effort I had to say thanks! Keep up the great work!

  7. kata00

    I started using this plugin about 7 months. It was not without a hitch but the author was swift to answer the issues that I had. Although it was easy to use, there was quite a number of trial and error to get the layout that I wanted with the earlier versions. However, the author provided a lot of update.

    I have not been using this plugin for some months until only recently to update my catalog and the latest version is a breeze to work with. Since there have been many updates since I last use the plugin, I reseted all the configurations. It took me only 5 minutes to get the layout that I wanted and only needed to do minor adjustments with paddings and image size to fit more products inside a page.

    I would totally recommend this plugin to anyone. The author I believe has put a lot of work into this plugin, the frequent updates and improvements clearly show that. Keep up the good work!

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I need the Demo settings. Where can I find them?

The demo settings are below. You can just import them via the settings...

I only get strange signs in my PDF

If you get something like %PDF-1.4 %���� then please make sure you have installed the following PHP extensions mbstring gd Please contact your hosting partner if you do not know how to install these extensions.

Timeouts when creating full catalog

When you try to create the full catalog, but have many products / product categories we recommend the following: Increase the PHP max_execution_time (see here how) Turn on the Caching (WooCommerce > PDF Catalog > General > Enable...

Images in PDF displays as a red cross (https / mpdf)

First  please make sure, that you are not on a localhost AND do not have any .htaccess / .passwd on your sever. Because our plugin uses HTTP to get the images for the PDF creation and if your server blocks the images from public it won't...

How I can change the css style of top variation attributes background?

You can change the background color of the variations table inside the PDF like this: .woocommerce-pdf-catalog-variations .variation-head-row, .woocommerce-pdf-catalog-variations .variation-head-row th { background-color: red; }

How can I add custom Styles to the PDF Catalog?

When you want to add some styles to the PDF you should go to Advanced Settings > Enable debug mode. When you create the PDF then the raw html will be shown. This you can use to identify elements, that you want to style. The custom styles...

I get a 500 Error when installing the plugin?

You need to: Increase memory_limit Increas php_max_execution time Edit your .htaccess file and add the following: php_value upload_max_filesize 1000M php_value post_max_size 2000M php_value memory_limit 512M php_value max_execution_time...

The HTML code size is larger than pcre.backtrack_limit

If you get the issue message "The HTML code size is larger than pcre.backtrack_limit 1000000. You should use WriteHTML() with smaller string lengths." you can try the following: activate "Split HTML into Chunks" in advanced settings ...

Are Discount Plugins supported?

We use the WooCommerce standard get_price_html function to get the price for a product. If your 3rd party plugin hooks into this function it will work. You could hook yourself into the filter applied there like the following: // define the...

Generating Large PDF Catalogs

If you have many products like above 500 or many products in multiple categories, the full catalog may stop rendering and gives you a 500 / 504 error. However the category catalog still works (of course dependent on the amount of products inside...

Cannot find TTF TrueType font file DejaVuSans-Bold.ttf

Issue fixed in 1.6.9 - we added support for ATUM in 1.6.9 The error "Cannot find TTF TrueType font file DejaVuSans-Bold.ttf occurs when you have installed the ATUM WooCommerce Plugin on your site. The developers of the plugin also use a version...

How to add custom Data to the WooCommerce Products PDF?

If you want to add / show some custom data like post meta or similar, you can use one of our hooks. An example: add_filter( 'woocommerce_pdf_catalog_before_product_information_categories', 'show_case_pack_in_pdf', 10, 2); function...

Export WooCommerce Wishlists as PDF

Our WooCommerce Wishlist plugin is fully supported by our PDF Catalog plugin. If users create a wishlist and you have enabled Wishlist PDF export in plugin settings, they will see an export button as seen below. export woocommerce wishlist...

How do I stop Google from indexing PDF exports?

If you want Google to stop indexing the post, product or category PDF exports, you need to exclude the URL parameters within the Google Search Console. An example how to do this can you see here: URL Paramters in Google Search Console

How can I add custom Fonts to my PDF Files?

We do not offer custom fonts by default due to licenses. You can read here how to implement custom Fonts: https://mpdf.github.io/fonts-languages/fonts-in-mpdf-7-x.html


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