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WooCommerce Wishlist

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The Best WooCommerce Wishlist Plugin lets you create WooCommerce Wishlist pages and shortcodes with ease – that is what our plugin does. Customers may shop your WooCommerce-Store and want to have products they may not can afford or want to have as a gift from friends from Family. So what can they do? They can create a Wishlist of the products, they want to have.

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Create & Share WooCommerce Wishlists with Ease

Everybody window shops online. People stumble upon must-have products every day. The only problem is that not everyone can afford shop 24/7. Thankfully, WooCommerce Wishlist changes this.

WooCommerce Wishlist allows store customers to add items to online wishlist pages as they peruse product pages. Wishlists can then be shared with friends and family or used to keep track of must-have items in anticipation of payday.

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WooCommerce my wishlist

Use WooCommerce Wishlists to Boost Sales

WooCommerce Wishlist boosts sales by giving store customers an easy way to keep track of previously viewed items. At the same time, logged in users can quickly create and share wishlists with loved ones in the run-up to special occasions.

  • Sharing wishlists makes it easy for people to shop for loved ones, by providing them with direct links to store product pages
  • Public wishlists can be used as shopping inspiration for customers in search of trending gift ideas
  • The WooCommerce plugin backend collects statistical data which store owners can use to see how often different items are added to wishlists

By seeing how often items are added to wishlists, WooCommerce store owners can make more strategic stock purchases. Much more importantly, existing product prices and promotions can be leveraged by admins, as different products become popular.

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How our WooCommerce Wishlist Plugin Works

WooCommerce Wishlist allows store customers to create two different kinds of wishlist.

Logged in store users can create wishlists and set their ‘my wishlist’ as public, shared, or private. Alternatively, non-logged in store users can create wishlists which are saved as a cookie to web browsers. WooCommerce Wishlist also updates automatically with all new Woo versions and WordPress Multilingual Plugin (WPML) versions.

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add to wishlist from product category
wishlist visibility

Custom Wishlist Visibility Options

Wishlists are a fantastic way to share gift ideas with friends and family. However, not all store users might want to make their wishlist public. Thankfully, WooCommerce Wishlist allows users to make wishlists private, public or shared only to specific individuals.

  • Private wishlists are used by customers to keep track of items which may be temporarily out of stock
  • Shared wishlists can be shared with anyone and edited or deleted at any time
  • Public wishlists are a fantastic way for customers to discover new product recommendations and gift ideas
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Easy Email & Social Media Sharing Options

WooCommerce Wishlist makes sharing wishlists easy. From their ‘My Wishlist’ page, logged in users can share wishlists via email, Facebook, Twitter, and several other social media channels. When non-site users receive wishlists, they can then click directly through to WooCommerce stores and specific store pages.

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share wishlists
wishlist button on single product pages

Using Wishlists to Premier Products & Coming Soon Items

Encouraging store users to share wishlists via social media, is a fantastic way to promote WooCommerce stores. At the same time, savvy store owners can leverage wishlists by announcing new products which customers can add to wishlists in anticipation of items becoming available.

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Search for public Wishlists

Encouraging store users to share wishlists via social media, is a fantastic way to promote WooCommerce stores. At the same time, savvy store owners can leverage wishlists by announcing new products which customers can add to wishlists in anticipation of items becoming available.

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search for public wishlists
export wishlists as excel

Export wishlists as Excel or CSV

Beside sharing functionality users can also export wishlists as Microsoft Excel (xlsx) or CSV files with just a button click.

Export wishlists as PDF

If you want to export wishlists as PDF, then you should look into our WooCommerce PDF Catalog plugin. This allows you to export wishlists as PDF export files with ease.

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wishlist PDF export

3 reviews for WooCommerce Wishlist

  1. CemWald

    A perfect wishlist solution for WooCommerce. Tried so many others before, but the flexibility with this plugin, paired with the support is unmatched.
    Thank you.

  2. ElizavetaT

    Thank you for your responsiveness. Quick support.
    Plugin improvements upon request.

  3. Tierri

    Amazing tool, the best Wishlist plugin I tested for WordPress. Many other alternatives are not as flexible as this one and much more expensive. The customer support is also great, there was a small issue that was quickly fixed. I definitely recommend it and hope your sales increase a lot!

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Wishlist Styling does not work

If the styles do not work, make sure the following file has a CHMOD 0777: /wp-content/woocommerce-wishlist/public/css/woocommerce-wishlist-custom.css It needs to be writeable.

Export WooCommerce Wishlists as PDF

Our WooCommerce Wishlist plugin is fully supported by our PDF Catalog plugin. If users create a wishlist and you have enabled Wishlist PDF export in plugin settings, they will see an export button as seen below. export woocommerce wishlist...


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