Timeouts when creating full catalog

When you try to create the full catalog, but have many products / product categories we recommend the following:

  1. Increase the PHP max_execution_time (see here how)
  2. Turn on the Caching (WooCommerce > PDF Catalog > General > Enable Caching)
  3. Then create the full catalog
  4. A cached file will be created and stored on your server

This will prevent creating the catalog new again. Remember to clear the cache when adding new products / categories.

Caching will prevent timeouts in total as just the cached file will be loaded when customers request it.

7 thoughts on “Timeouts when creating full catalog

  1. Shane Roberson says:

    You mention increasing max execution time but the (see here how) link is 404. Increase it to what? Please provide more details.

  2. AT says:

    Hello, I have been trying to generate a PDF for the full catalog, but it timed out eventually. I increased the PHP max_execution_time to 7200 and enabled the cache, but it crashed the server almost every time. What else can I do?

  3. Ramon says:

    Mandei um e-mail mais voltou, minha situação é que está dando erro ao gerar, também aumentei o limite de espera, ativei o cache e nada. Queria todos os produtos no catálogo. ekkobrindes com br é o nosso site.

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