Stay at United States should be International

When you want to have the popup say “Stay at International Site” instead of “Stay at United States” you need to do the following

  1. Install Loco Translate Plugin
  2. Go to Loco Translate > Plugins > WordPress Country Selector
  3. Click on New Language
  4. If template is missing > Click on create new template
  5. Then create a translation file for English (United States) en_US inside custom location
  6. Search for United States and translate with “International”
  7. Save translation file

Then you can also replace the us flag with the following custom CSS:

.flag-icon.flag-icon-us {
 background-image: url(//;

See Screenshots:

3 thoughts on “Stay at United States should be International

  1. Marcelo says:

    This is great advice. However, I took my approach one step further. The only downside was that the US would be replaced by the “International” label, and since I want to expand my business further someday, and hopefully enter the US market, I decided to go a different route. I chose my language as Latin, switched Vatican City as International, and in the custom css code, I replaced “us” with “va”. I don’t ever plan on opening a business in the Vatican so this should be fine lol. Thanks for the support!

  2. Iulian says:


    How can we change the “Stay at” text?
    With the translation it just doesn’t work and it still displays “stay at international”.

    • WeLaunch
      WeLaunch acts as a real person and passed all tests against spambots. Anti-Spam by CleanTalk.

      Simply use Loco Translate plugin to change the string 😉

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