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WooCommerce Frequently Bought Together

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With our plugin you can show frequently bought together products in your WooCommerce Shop and increase sales by promoting cross sell products automatically.

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Increase cross Sales Automatically

Customers are always looking for additional products to increase the functionalities of their main product. Let it be a case or a charger for their phone. So why do you not sell them directly when the customer wants to buy the main product? With our WooCommerce bought together product you can do this.

Show often purchased together products to our customers. Assign products manually or automatically by cart / purchases and increase sales by leaning back.

bought together products on single product pages

Display often Purchased Together Products

Often purchased together products, which are manually or automatically assigned, will appear on single WooCommerce product or cart pages. You can choose where and how the will appear. Slider, no slider, 3 or more products, with or without “add selected to cart” button – that is totally up to you.

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Add all or selected to Cart

Optional, but often used. Customers can easily add all or only selected purchased together products to their cart. Simply by ticking a checkbox for each product and then clicking on the “add selected to cart” button.

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add all products to cart
bought togehter statistics


Admin or shop managers have the possibility to see statistics about each WooCommerce product in the backend. With this you can analyze which product has manual, cart or order assigned bought together products with ease.

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Display Cart Cross Sells

Bought together products will not only show on single WooCommerce product pages. These cross sells will also appear in the cart page, when the matching product has been added to customers cart.

From here the user can add all, or only selected products to his cart with ease.

bought together on cart

4 reviews for WooCommerce Frequently Bought Together

  1. martyn_gray50

    Great support from the guys at WeLaunch and they were able to answer my question and fix the problem I was having within a few hours.
    Great service.

  2. zzbeck

    The plugin just works, and the support is fast and very good. It has a lot of useful settings, and is great for upsetting products, if you don’t want to add upsell products to every product manually.

    Great plugin!

  3. ReAgentUK

    Awesome plugin and the automatic functionality of the system to build it’s own recommendation system over time is perfect and I have not seen that functionality any where else would highly recommend this system if converting sales is your target this is a great system to use.

    On a more private note the seller has a excellent support system and was able to help us with a issue in less than 24 hours we had the system working exactly as needed.

    ten out of ten 🙂

  4. usualhouse

    Automatically matches bought together products via Cart or Purchased algorithm!
    I did’t find an alternative and the price is very acceptable!

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Where can I see the bought together statistics in WooCommerce?

You can view statistics about what products were bought together in the Admin Panel > WooCommerce > Bought Together Stats. This shows you an overview about your products and what other products have been bought or added to cart along...

How do manually added items bought together items work?

If admin switches from auto to manual, would that remove all the prior automated "groups" that were put together via the " Frequently Bought Together" auto system? No it will not remove the automated bought together products. But when you...

Variable Products have no Images?

If variation products are missing images you need to set an image on the variable product itself - not on the main product. Other parts are theme related as we load the Theme Product Layout.

How can I modify the WooCommerce bought together template?

If you want to modify, edit or delete stuff from the WooCommerce bought together products template, you need to copy the following file: wp-content/woocommmerce-bought-together/public/partials/bought-together-product.php into your child theme at...


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