Store Locator Shortcode

To place the store locator just create a new page and insert the following shortcode:


Parameters you can use:

Default: 'all' 
Values: Category IDs separated by comma, that should show
Default: '',
Values: ID of a default category to be preselected

Default: '',
Values: Flaotval

Default: '',
Values: Flaotval

Default: '',
Values: Number 1 to 16
Default: 'all',
Values: Filters IDs separated by comma (must contain parent filter ID)
Values: Filters IDs seperated by comma
When you use categories parameter show subcategories automatically
Default: 'yes',
Values: yes or no
Default: 'yes',
Values: yes or no (Shows the all stores category)
Default: 'no',
Value: Integer / Number Radius
Default: '',
Value: Adress (Street, City)

Show only specific categories

New from Version 1.4.1, you can specify different store categories in our shortcode to show only stores within a specific category. See here how to find the store category id. If that does not work, please read why store locator category parameter is not working.

Example 1:

  • Only show category ID 34 (T-Shirts)
  • no children
  • no “show all categories”
[wordpress_store_locator categories="34" show_children="no" show_all="no"]

Example 2:

  • Show Categories 32 (Clothes) and 35 (Music Stores)
  • Show no children
  • Show “all categories”
  • default_address
[wordpress_store_locator default_address="New York" categories="32,35" show_children="no" show_all="yes"]

Search for Store Shortcode

If you want to have a search for store page like in our Demo, you can create a new page or use any other like your Home page for example. Then place the Following Shortcode:

[wordpress_store_locator_search url="" style="1" show_filter="yes"]

Nearest store shortcode

You can show off the nearest shop from user location with the shortcode below. 

[wordpress_store_locator_nearest_store text_before="Nearest Store: " show_name="false" show_opening="true" text_separator=" | " denied_text="Please enable Geolocation"]

Stores Listing shortcode

Available since version 1.13.0 you can list stores by a key data field like country.

[wordpress_store_locator_listing key="country"]

Full arguments lists example:

[wordpress_store_locator_listing key="country" value="US" subkey="region" subvalue="Texas" heading_prefix="Stores in " order_by="pm.meta_value" subheading_prefix="State: "]

List Stores

With this shortcode you can list stores

[wordpress_store_locator_list_stores title="US Stores" max_results="6" tax_relation="AND" store_ids="" filter_ids="" category_ids="" show_name="yes" show_address="yes" show_distance="yes" show_email="yes" show_telephone="yes" show_mobile="yes" show_website="yes" show_opening="yes" columns="2" orderby="post_title" order="ASC"]Explore our stores in USA[/wordpress_store_locator_list_stores]

Google API Key

For our plugin you will need a fully working Google API Key. A tutorial on how to get it, can be found here:
You need to make sure, that inside the Google Console the following options are activated:

Allow your domain to access the key
Enable: Google Places API Web Service
Enable: Google Maps JavaScript
Enable: Google Maps Geocoding

66 thoughts on “WordPress Store Locator Shortcodes

  1. DAVID RAMIREZ says:

    This address appears by default when using the shortcode:

    Rostov Oblast, Russia, 346222

    How do I remove it?

  2. Diego says:

    We install the plugin, but it is giving error all the time of Geocoder failed due to: REQUEST_DENIED. What can it be?

  3. Gill Costello says:

    I’ve added the API. But when I add the shortcode [wordpress_store_locator] to a page it says Publishing Failed or Updating Failed. When I hit preview I can see the store locator. So close 🙂
    Can you please help?

  4. mohd firdaus says:

    do we need to pay to google for the api google map?

    i have add shortcode [wordpress_store_locator] but there is updating failure

  5. Max says:


    Ive used the shortcode: [wordpress_store_locator] to place the store locator on a normal page, however regardless of where on the page I place the shortcode, the locator keeps apearing at the top of the page. I need it to appear where Ive placed the shortcode.

    I’m using the Divi theme and placing the shortcode in a module specifically designed for code such as this. I’ve tried using Modal Code Position in the settings, but this doesnt work either.

    Any help would be appreciated!

  6. Vincent says:

    Is it possible to have a shortcode to display a map that shows all stores by default? I want to show every pin on a map on one page, but not on another page.

  7. Tamás Takács says:


    categories filtering with shortcode does not work with latest version of plugin. It shows all stores. 🙁

  8. Justin says:

    I’ve added the API it shows that I have stores in the system, but as soon as I go to the page that holds the shortcode, it tells me “No stores found… Try Again.” What’s going wrong?

  9. adil says:

    Thank you for this powerful tool.

    How can I change the color of the pin/markers, and the radius zone on the map?

  10. adil says:

    Please disregard my second message, I got it to work, although on firefox the map is grayscaled and unclickable, it works on safari. Also I enabled “Use Output Buffering” to display the map where it should be.

  11. Adil says:

    A thousand sorry,
    I forgot one request.

    I have two filters “Current Products” and “Legacy Products”.
    I would like to display “Current Products” for this page
    I would like to display “Current Products” and “Legacy Products” for this page

    I tried to use the “Edit Store Filter” for each of these filters. Ex I gave legacy filter the category “service centers aka authorized repair facilities”. It worked for the dealer page (only current products filter shows like I wanted), but not the authorized repair facilities. It keeps the current filter only when I want in addition “legacy products.

  12. Naveen says:

    I need to display Get Location pointer icon inside search box instead of “get my position” under the search box. How can I do that? Is that possible for to that with any simple customization?

  13. Lis says:

    Hello, since i used another theme in wordpress the map became much smaller in width and is to the right with the stores beside it in on the left and only in one row all the way down (50 stores) instead of in two rows of 25 underneath the map.
    How can I fix this?

  14. Jessica says:

    Hi I’m getting this error.

    Publishing failed. Error message: The response is not a valid JSON response.

    Can you please help? Thanks.

  15. troy says:

    i have an issue on the category end. i have it set to geolocate but there are stores in the radius missing. ive tried adding every category id to the shortcode with no avail. can u help??

    • WeLaunch says:

      Please check if all stores have a valid lat / lng and categories are assigned. What you mean with “with no avail”?

      • Troy says:

        categories are assigned and lat / lng is set and valid. i mean ive tried everything and they don’t show also i thought it might be a category issue. so i tried to make an all category but quickly realized that if you try to attached parent categories to that main category you loos the option of child categories

  16. Matt says:

    Hi, is there anyway to include a basic search box on a different page in a widget or the like, that sends the user to the desired map page? ie. when they search a city or zipcode.

  17. Jodey says:

    When embedding the shortcode for the map into a section it appears at the top of the page. Even when i place further down the website page.

  18. Ricardo says:

    Hello, I want to know how to use the following shortcode: [wordpress_store_locator_nearest_store text_before=”Nearest Store: ” show_name=”false” show_opening=”true” text_separator=” | ” denied_text=”Please enable Geolocation”]
    to show Only the name of the distributor not the address, thanks

  19. Alison Weir-Smith says:

    How do I show all stores with this shortcode: [wordpress_store_locator_listing key=”country” value=”NZ” heading_prefix=”Stores in “]. I have 8 stores created but only 5 show.

  20. Dennis says:

    Regarding my previous comment, I added a server-side API key by generating another key for the 3 maps APIs and added that to the server-side entry. I then manually added the lat/long for the two stores I created. Now when I go into the store locator page, I receive an error: Geocoder failed due to: REQUEST_DENIED. However, it shows the map properly as well as the two stores. Any thoughts on what could be causing the error? I’m guessing I don’t have something set correctly in the Google API setup. TIA

  21. Steve Su says:

    Hi Daniel,

    Is it possible to limit to a specific country for Store Locator Shortcode? For example [wordpress_store_locator key=”country” value=”AU”]?

    Thank you

    • Daniel says:

      You need to make the country limitations in plugin settings itself. They are not possible via shortcode parameter sorry.

  22. Simon says:


    I would like to know if there is also an option to show/hide specific filters, similar to how to category filtering options work. I.e. I want either:

    – An option to show filters based on category selected (conditional logic). I.e show this list of filters for category A and show a different list of filters for category B
    – Or have an option to show different filters for different pages

    Thanks for your help.

  23. Satnam says:

    Is it possible to display store location pin in one map for 3 countries.? (Stores are in Canada, United States & France)

  24. Jennifer Ramsey says:

    No matter what I do I cannot get this to work. The map wont appear, if I use beaver builder nothing displays correctly, its been a nightmare.

  25. Mike says:

    J’ai un petit soucis .. le code [wordpress_store_locator] apparait à la place de la carte. J’ai bien activé les clés API Goggle, ma licence est bonne et j’en utilise une autre sur un autre site et tout fonctionne correctement… Merci ppour votre aide

  26. zakir sajib says:

    Hey there,
    this is my map:
    though there is no map. i used this shortcode:
    [wordpress_store_locator_listing key=”country”]

    all looks great, now can i have search box on top? i want to search by either name or zipcode. is it possible?

  27. zakir sajib says:

    this shortcode:
    [wordpress_store_locator_nearest_store text_before=”Nearest Store: ” show_name=”false” show_opening=”true” text_separator=” | ” denied_text=”Please enable Geolocation”]

    just shows 1 store with no search functionality. is it possible to show 10 nearest stores and search functionality? and which template i need to cusotmize ?

  28. Erica says:

    I am unable to find where I can change the hover/info window styling. We need it to be black so the text can be visible? We want to change it from #ffffff with transparency to #00000

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