Settings Panel

You can find the everything inside your Admin Panel inside Store Locator -> Settings. If you can not see this menu make sure the Redux Framework plugin is installed and activated!

General Settings

In the General settings you have to enable the plugin first. Then you should enter your Google API Key for the frontend (get it here). Also please make sure you have setup your API Key correctly in the Google Console:

  • Allow your domain to access the key
  • Enable: Google Places API Web Service
  • Enable: Google Maps JavaScript
  • Enable: Google Maps Geocoding

Also you could set a server side key. This will be used only when importing stores without lat / lng to grab the latitude and longitude data from Google directly.

Below this you can …

  1. Export all stores
  2. Import Stores
  3. Get a sample custom import file (this uses your categories / filter)
  4. Delete all stores
general WordPress store locator options
general WordPress store locator options

Map Settings

First you can enable or even disable the map. Then you can set a width and select the distance unit (miles or kilometer). After this you can set some defaults: Latitude, Longitude, Map Type & Map Zoom Level.

For the radius you can set the Radius select steps splitted by comma and set a default radius. You can choose if you want to draw a radius circle and if you want to extend the map if no stores where found.

You should set some default icons for the stores (even if you have set an icon on category or single store level). The logic for icons is the following:

  1. If a custom icon on single store is set -> take this
  2. If a custom category icon is set:
    1. If a store is only in one category -> take this icon
    2. If a store has multiple icons, the icon only changes when a category has been choosen in frontend
  3. If no store / category icon is set -> take the default Icon

At the bottom you can style the map as you like via some custom JS stylings. Examples can be taken from or

configure maps
configure maps

Infowindow Settings

The infowindow (when you click on a store) can be enabled or disabled. While enabled you have the option to set a custom width for the infowindow itself. Then you can specify the column layout for the details, the image and the opening hours.

infowindow options
infowindow options

Result List Settings

Enabling the result list will give you the opportunity to choose a position (left / right sidebar, above / below the map).  You can choose the result list order, the width and if you want to show the title or not.

Furthermore you can set …

  • a “No Results Text”
  • Maximum Results
  • Store Link Action
  • Show Result List Icon
  • Show Result List Premium Icon
result list settings
result list settings

Search Box Settings

In the search box settings you can show the “Get my Position”-Link, show the Search Button, Search Title, Active Filter or Filters in total. Also you can set a default category filter and button text.

Furthermore you can:

  • Enable Auto Geolocation
  • Save Auto Geolocation in Cookie
  • Enable Autocomplete
  • Restrict Types
    You may restrict results from a Place Autocomplete request to be of a certain type. If for example you want to hide the street from autocomplete search, you have to select the “Regions”
  • Restrict Autocomplete to a country (2 character ISO-Codes only! You can insert for example us to limit the autocomplete to only search in United States)
  • Position
  • Width (in Columns)
store locator search box
store locator search box


When stores are being fetched, a loading icon will be displayed. With our plugin you can totally customize the icon. Choose a new icon, color, background color and more.

loading indicator
loading indicator

Data to Show

In total you can customize 20 different data to show. In example you can specify if you want to show a store’s name, the description, website, image, opening hours …

You can also enable or disable the call to actions here. These are displayed as button in the single result list.

hide or show store data as you like
hide or show store data as you like

WooCommerce – Store Locator Button

When you have a WooCommerce Shop you can show the store locator button on single product pages. Within the store locator button settings you can choose where the button should show up and how the modal should look like.

woocommerce support to show find store on product pages
woocommerce support to show find store on product pages

Default Store Values

Setting up default store values helps you to easily create stores, that always have the same data (like a website, country or opening hours). Just set a default value and everytime you manually create a store the defaults are filled out.

default shop data
default shop data

Advanced Settings

Here you can add some custom CSS or custom JS. Also, if you have problems with the layout, you can disable Bootstrap here.

86 thoughts on “Setup the WordPress Store Locator Plugin

  1. James Cruz says:

    Hi !

    I have purchased this plugin and installed. but it’s not working properly.
    We don’t use WooCommerce so i am wondering if this plugin could work properly without install woocommerce.


  2. Jack Hagedorn says:


    I’m building a search for a specific kind of financial advisor. I’m hoping to style the plugin to match your demo of “Search for Store” (e.g. map & results load in a different window, the search bar is the only visible part at the beginning).

    What settings need to be activated for this to happen? If we can get this finished I can guarantee a 5-star review.

    Thank you!


    • weLaunch says:

      Hi there,

      you only need to add the shortcode to your page as described in our documentation 😉

  3. Jack Hagedorn says:

    Great! Thank you for your quick support.

    One last question – is there a CSS stylesheet or place that I can see the classes you used (specifically for the buttons) to style the plugin? I have a theme for the site that must match your plugin.

    Thank you!

  4. Jack Hagedorn says:

    Hello again,

    The last step in this project is to build the plugin to show one specific store anytime. I’m not sure how to do this easily. What could be one suggestion that might work?


  5. Jonathan says:

    Hello, before I buy this plugin, I need to know if it’s possible to do the following: We have crews across the US and we also have customers with store locations across the US. Can I use this plugin to show how many of those crews are based around a specific customer’s store/location? For example, our customer can select a store in New York City and then see all of the service crews around that store’s location. Also, will the plugin show the distance/miles by road/highway from that crew’s location to that store’s location? Can I do this using your plugin? Thanks in advance!

  6. Anna Grunduls says:

    Hi there!
    I’m wondering if it’s possible to display all store pins on default and make them disappear as someone is filtering them or using the search?

  7. Floutsch says:

    Hi there,
    could you list which APIs one has to activate? As far as I can see: Geocoding API (imports, I guess), Maps JavaScript API, Places API. Anything else? I think that info would be great in the the general settings paragraph.


      • Floutsch says:

        Thanks for the reply. Great 🙂 I’ll follow-up with more questions, sorry:

        – I want to show filters for range but we don’t use taxonomies. Is there a way to hide the category dropdown or should I just use CSS?

        – I can switch on and off display of opening hours. If I want those only in the results not in the infowindow (or other way round), can I set this?

        – What do the “width in columns” values refer to? Bootstrap columns?

        • WeLaunch says:
          1. Yes you can use custom CSS to hide the category filter
          2. Also only via custom CSS use the result list outer container to target the correct HTML element
          3. Correct the map / result list columns refer to the bootstrap grid
  8. Daniel Flippance says:

    Is there a way to show an incrementing number on each map marker such that the number matches a number in the results list? I was able to get an incrementing number to show in the results list using this CSS but not in the map:

    .store_locator_result_list_item {
    counter-increment: number;
    .store_locator_result_list_item:before {
    content: counter(number)” “;
    width: 25px;
    display: block;
    position: absolute;
    top: 20px;
    height: 25px;
    z-index: 2;
    left: 25px;
    color: white;

  9. Thiago Bueno says:

    I bought the WordPress Store Locator plugin and I’m getting some issues:

    1. Much white space between elements
    I already did what is in this FAQ, but it doesn’t work

    2. Max Height Result List
    I followed the FAQ and it didn’t work

    3. The plugin only works with “Use Output Buffering” marked. Is it right?
    My theme is Unicon with WPBakery Visual Composer (

    4. The result list is not showing all the content, it is hidding part of them and not breaking lines.

    5. The appearance is different from the demo. How can I get it more likely.

    You can check out my website with the Store Locator on

      • Matt says:

        This is just for the store popup on the map, not the results side panel. I have the same issue with times showing as “08:00 – 17:30 o’Clock” in the results side panel. Is there a way to change it?

  10. Lif Ted says:

    The error message while uploading the store is “No Store Name in line: 1″….up to the last row
    even though the file has a store name column. Kindly assist.

  11. Alexis Colombo says:

    is it possible to sort the result list by their postal code?

    Thank you in advance for your reply

  12. Ray says:

    Hello, I just install your plugin and I have a little problem. When I click on the website text on the details of the store, a wew page opens within my own main page. I would like open the store page in another window, is it possible?

  13. Ray says:

    I am uploading an excel with data from our stores (I am uploading an excel with the data from our stores, before downloading the sample file). When I do a search, the stores don’t appear because “lat” and “lng” fields are empty. These fields are essential for the location? is not valid only with the address?

    • WeLaunch says:

      No you need to provide either lat / lng in the import file OR set a server side key in plugin settings and let lat / lng empty in the import file.

  14. Ray says:

    Thank your for your reply. How can I generate an API key for the server side? I just see the field on the plugin settings but I don’t know how can obtain it.

  15. jason says:

    Hi there, I added this plugin to my WordPress site, but for some reason, an error message saying “Geocoder failed due to: REQUEST DENIED” would pop up, from my understand i did enable the geocoder and I’m using the correct API keys in the setting for this plugin, so i have no idea what am i doing wrong, this error message keeps on popping up and the map would not show properly. is it because i did not fill in the API keys(server-side) section? and i have no idea where to find that as well. Please help

  16. nick says:

    Hi, I just installed this plugin and set the results list position to be below the map. However, the results list is actually rendering to the right side of the map, below the filters. This seems like a bug. I specifically need the results list to appear below the map. Please advise.

  17. Charles Thomson says:

    I just purchased and installed your plugin. Looks great so far!
    One issue: when I search I am redirected to my wp-admin login page. I’m assuming this shouldn’t happen…

    Can you suggest a solution to this?


  18. Lucio says:

    There’s a way to change the pack language? There are any languages provided? Int lang folder I see just the DE version…

  19. Patty says:

    Is there a way to have the map automatically show all available stores? It keeps zooming in to just a few, or only the radius I set. I would simply like the map to show all stores everywhere and zoom so that all are shown.
    Thanks in advance,

  20. Ben Lindberg says:

    Hi. Is there a way to change the zoom functionality to allow scrolling with a mouse or the control+scroll option like in Google Maps?

  21. Larissa says:

    Hi! We have purchased the Plugin already but now having problems with the icons. My store categories represent several brands and each has an individual icon. Now most stores offer a variety of the brands and are thus in several categories. When people filter by category/ brand all shown stores should have that category’s icon but they don’t. They just display some random brand’s icon. How can I fix this?

      • Larissa says:

        I did but when I filter to that category in the frontend, the icon does not display.
        To be more precise: I have shop x, it has brands A and B so it is in both categories. A and B each have their own icon set. Now shop x is always displayed with the icon of brand A, even if I filter to brand B in the frontend.

  22. Tommaso says:

    I am watching the bullets of the importer moving since 15minutes, what should I do? Only 78 stores are on the excel file

  23. Dennis says:

    I just purchased Store Locator. I’ve obtained the API Key from my Google Console and activated the three required APIs (Geocoding, Maps Javascript, Places). I’ve added my first store to test. When I view the store, the map point is just off the coast of Africa. I do not have a lat/long (nor have I set a server side API) but I do have all of the address info. Any advice on how to resolve that would be greatly appreciated. TIA

  24. Dennis says:

    I’m setting up the plugin and am working on the Single Storage page. On the opening hours, the plugin appends ” O’Clock ” after the closing hours. How can we remove that? That term really isn’t used any longer and it doesn’t fit with the format of the time expression.

    Thanks in Advance,

  25. root says:

    Is this compatible with any theme? After installation, the front-end looks all scrambled. It works, but does not look as is in the demos.

  26. Yousof K. says:

    Hi. I am trying to display the category in the popup with the “Show Stores Category” under “Data to show”. But they do not appear in the popups. Is there some way I can customize what is shown with a template?

  27. Per says:

    Hi, Is it possible to remove the email address from the Contact section on the Single Store page as I do not what to expose the email address when am I using a contact form. Thanks for a great plug-in!

  28. huzaifa says:

    Hey, I am trying to import stores from a xlxs file in the same file format I downloaded from the plugin, but every time its stuck In the loading animation and it doesn’t update, Please help I have been stuck on this from past 2 days.

  29. Gopinath says:

    my Store No Stores found … try again! error massage not showing…
    please help me Daniel.

  30. Eugene says:

    I need to add a search by region/province to the map. I tried doing it with a filter, but it only finds result within the current radius. How can I automatically change location when someone tries to display stores in specified province?

  31. Balazs says:

    Can you please tell me why there is a “no store found” message as I open the map? Google API works well, stores are imported but there is no result. Thank you.

  32. pixie says:

    I have 10 stores listed. All have a fax number except one. How can I change this in the frontend for that particular data-store-id so I don’t get an empty div in the inspect…Basically how can I target one particular store to change input

  33. Juanjo says:

    I added 8 stores just to test the plugin. When I click “show all stores” on the frontend, the results list only shows 2. There are no active filters and I have “12 stores per row” I have no idea how to fix it, I tried everything.

  34. Ivan Dziurakh says:

    Help! on website we have licensed version!
    I have an error on my website when i try to filter location by category, which i add before.
    Error message – An Error Occured: 400 ! Please contact System Administrator!

    please help with some advice

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