Store Locator-Kurzcode

Um den Store Locator zu platzieren, erstellen Sie einfach eine neue Seite und fügen Sie den folgenden Kurzcode ein:


Neu ab Version 1.4.1: Shortcode-Attribute zum Erstellen mehrerer Karten mit unterschiedlichen Kategorien. See here how to find the store category id.Beispiel 1:

  • Nur Kategorie ID 34 (T-Shirts) anzeigen
  • keine Kinder
  • kein “alle Kategorien anzeigen”
[wordpress_store_locator categories="34" show_children="no" show_all="no"]

Beispiel 2:

  • Kategorien 32 (Bekleidung) und 35 (Musikgeschäfte) anzeigen
  • Show keine Kinder
  • Alle Kategorien” anzeigen
[wordpress_store_locator categories="32,35" show_children="no" show_all="yes"]

Suche nach Store Shortcode

Wenn Sie wie in unserer Demo nach einer Shop-Seite suchen möchten, können Sie eine neue Seite erstellen oder eine andere wie zB Ihre Homepage verwenden. Geben Sie dann den folgenden Shortcode ein:

[wordpress_store_locator_search url="" style="1" show_filter="yes"]

Google API-Schlüssel

For our plugin you will need a fully working Google API-Schlüssel. A tutorial on how to get it, can be found here: erstellenSie müssen sicherstellen, dass in der Google-Konsole die folgenden Optionen aktiviert sind:Erlauben Sie Ihrer Domain den Zugriff auf den SchlüsselAktivieren: Google Places API-WebdienstAktivieren: Google Maps JavaScriptAktivieren: Google Maps Geokodierung

43 Meinungen zu “WordPress Shop-Locator-Kürzel

  1. DAVID RAMIREZ sagt:

    This address appears by default when using the shortcode:

    Rostov Oblast, Russia, 346222

    How do I remove it?

  2. Gill Costello sagt:

    I’ve added the API. But when I add the shortcode [wordpress_store_locator] to a page it says Publishing Failed or Updating Failed. When I hit preview I can see the store locator. So close 🙂
    Can you please help?

  3. Max sagt:


    Ive used the shortcode: [wordpress_store_locator] to place the store locator on a normal page, however regardless of where on the page I place the shortcode, the locator keeps apearing at the top of the page. I need it to appear where Ive placed the shortcode.

    I’m using the Divi theme and placing the shortcode in a module specifically designed for code such as this. I’ve tried using Modal Code Position in the settings, but this doesnt work either.

    Any help would be appreciated!

  4. Vincent sagt:

    Is it possible to have a shortcode to display a map that shows all stores by default? I want to show every pin on a map on one page, but not on another page.

  5. Justin sagt:

    I’ve added the API it shows that I have stores in the system, but as soon as I go to the page that holds the shortcode, it tells me “No stores found… Try Again.” What’s going wrong?

  6. adil sagt:

    Please disregard my second message, I got it to work, although on firefox the map is grayscaled and unclickable, it works on safari. Also I enabled “Use Output Buffering” to display the map where it should be.

  7. Adil sagt:

    A thousand sorry,
    I forgot one request.

    I have two filters “Current Products” and “Legacy Products”.
    I would like to display “Current Products” for this page
    I would like to display “Current Products” and “Legacy Products” for this page

    I tried to use the “Edit Store Filter” for each of these filters. Ex I gave legacy filter the category “service centers aka authorized repair facilities”. It worked for the dealer page (only current products filter shows like I wanted), but not the authorized repair facilities. It keeps the current filter only when I want in addition “legacy products.

  8. Naveen sagt:

    I need to display Get Location pointer icon inside search box instead of “get my position” under the search box. How can I do that? Is that possible for to that with any simple customization?

  9. Lis sagt:

    Hello, since i used another theme in wordpress the map became much smaller in width and is to the right with the stores beside it in on the left and only in one row all the way down (50 stores) instead of in two rows of 25 underneath the map.
    How can I fix this?

  10. troy sagt:

    i have an issue on the category end. i have it set to geolocate but there are stores in the radius missing. ive tried adding every category id to the shortcode with no avail. can u help??

    • WeLaunch sagt:

      Please check if all stores have a valid lat / lng and categories are assigned. What you mean with “with no avail”?

      • Troy sagt:

        categories are assigned and lat / lng is set and valid. i mean ive tried everything and they don’t show also i thought it might be a category issue. so i tried to make an all category but quickly realized that if you try to attached parent categories to that main category you loos the option of child categories

  11. Matt sagt:

    Hi, is there anyway to include a basic search box on a different page in a widget or the like, that sends the user to the desired map page? ie. when they search a city or zipcode.

  12. Jodey sagt:

    When embedding the shortcode for the map into a section it appears at the top of the page. Even when i place further down the website page.

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