WordPress PDF Catalog

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Export your blog posts as PDF with ease. Give your readers the opportunity to read your blog offline or printed. Complete export or just post categories – you can choose.

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Export All WordPress Posts as PDF

Simple give your users the option to export your posts archives as PDF. With a single click in the frontend, our plugin will generate an export file on the fly.

  • Export all or category based posts as PDF
  • Multiple layouts for posts & categories
  • Choose the data you want to show
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wordpress pdf catalog


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# Changelog
- NEW:	Added an option for MPDF debug mode in advanced settings
- FIX:	Shortcode fallback to post type

- NEW:	Support for custom post types
		Use shortcode without any paramters:
		Or with:
		[wordpress_pdf_catalog category="MY_TERM_ID" taxonomy="MY_CUSTOM_TAXONOMY" text="Download Posts as PDF"]
		Example: https://demos.welaunch.io/wordpress-pdf-catalog/staff-category/staff/?wp-pdf-catalog=51&wp-pdf-catalog-post-type=&wp-pdf-catalog-taxonomy=staff_category
- NEW:	Option to hide category descripption
- NEW:	Default shortcode category is no longer "full"

- NEW:	8th Template (title no in image)
- FIX:	PHP notices
- FIX:	Buttons showed in backend (not working)

- NEW:	MPDF upgrade to V8
- NEW:	PHP 7.4 Support

- NEW:	Split Chunks Option in advanced settings
- FIX:	Shortcode generated wrong URL
- FIX:	Countable notice

!!!! MPDF 7 requires at least PHP 5.6 				!!!!
!!!! Do NOT update if you are on a lower Version 	!!!!
- NEW:  PHP 7.2. Support
- NEW:  Moved MPDF to vendor folder for composer support
- NEW:  Option to enable MPDF Debugging (images, fonts)
- FIX:  Upgraded MPDF Rendering Engine to Version 7.0.3

- Inital release

# Future features
- Nothing

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