In version 1.2.1 we introduced WooCommerce SEO Titles based on selected filters within a product category. Big companies like Zalando are using such SEO methods go generate more traffic on their sites and to rank higher with their product categories.

change h1 seo category tilte when filter active
change h1 seo category tilte when filter active

How does it work?

When a user visits a product category, “T-Shirts” for example, and then filters the products by color or size the H1 title gets adjusted according to his filters. So when he selects the filter color to black and the size to S the H1 gets changed to “T-Shirts in Color Black and Size S”.

Meta Title Change

If you are using the Yoast SEO Tool also the Meta Title will change by the filter, that was chosen. This furthermore increases your Google Ranking and traffic.

meta title also changes
meta title also changes

SEO Title Settings

You are completely free in configuring how the optimized title should be setup. In the settings menu you can dynamically work with variables like {title}, {attributes} and change the dividers to whatever you need.

So for example you can switch from “T-Shirts in Color Black” to “Black T-Shirts” with ease.

woocommerce seo title settings
woocommerce seo title settings

4 thoughts on “WooCommerce SEO Filter Titles

  1. raha says:

    1-How can I test live this plugin? do you have any live website for testing?
    2-What is the name of plugin? I couldn’t find in your website to purchase
    Waiting for answer

  2. raha says:

    Can I add seo control from rankmath to the attribute pages? I need to add schema , canonical , set meta roobots and change the url and everything in seo needed
    Waiting for you

  3. paul says:

    Hello, does it work if you filter 2 or 3 atributes at the same time? Also does it work with any filtering plugin for woocommerce? Thank you!

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