In version 1.2.0 we developed a WooCommerce category landing pages feature. This allows you to show up to 4 different links that are pointing to a custom page. The link can contain a title & an image and will be shown directly before categories. On mobile it transforms into a slider for responsive.

The purpose of category landing pages is to improve internal linking, promoting actions on different pages or cross link to other categories (e.g. accessories). The more keywords you can target and the more content you will show on these pages the better. Use a page for example to show “Your best T-Shirts in Black”.

Where do landing pages show?

On the image you will see, that on the posters category page are 4 lp links, that show an image and a title.

woocommerce landingpage promotions on category pages
woocommerce landingpage promotions on category pages

How to assign a landing page to a category?

In the backend go to products > categories and edit a category. On the bottom you will see up to 4 landingpage data fields you can set:

  • Landing Page Title
  • Landing Page Link (URL)
  • Landing Page Image

Once set it will display on the category page – image is not required, title & link are required.

set landingpages in category backend
set landingpages in category backend

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