In addition to our listing shortcode, that outputs stores grouped by a key in an accordion, we released a new shortcode in version 2.1, which just outputs stores based on several arguments.

[wordpress_store_locator_list_stores title="US Stores" max_results="6" tax_relation="AND" store_ids="" filter_ids="" category_ids="" show_name="yes" show_address="yes" show_distance="yes" show_email="yes" show_telephone="yes" show_mobile="yes" show_website="yes" show_opening="yes" columns="2" orderby="post_title" order="ASC"]Explore our stores in USA[/wordpress_store_locator_list_stores]


  • title (default: “”)
  • max_results (default: “6”)
  • tax_relation (default: “AND”)
  • store_ids (default: “””)
  • filter_ids (default: “””)
  • category_ids (default: “””)
  • show_name (default: “yes”)
  • show_address (default: “yes”)
  • show_distance (default: “yes”)
  • show_email (default: “yes”)
  • show_telephone (default: “yes”)
  • show_mobile (default: “yes”)
  • show_website (default: “yes”)
  • show_opening (default: “yes”)
  • columns (default: “2”)
  • orderby (default: “post_title”)
  • order (default: “ASC”)
  • layout (default: “rows”, possible: “columns”)

5 thoughts on “List Stores Shortcode

  1. Jimmy says:

    how do you have the name link to a different slug? This list when you click on a location name it directs to
    I need:

  2. Stefan says:


    is it possible to sort and list the search results by postal code? I would like to display only the zip code, the name and perhaps the logo of the store.

    Thank a lot!

  3. Sandeep Kaur says:


    How can I show list of stores in contact form in a dropdown and send the selected option to admin?


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