Creating GDPR Services & Categories

Starting with Version 1.5. we introduced GDPR Services. A service is for example Google Analytics or anything similar, that places cookies OR uses external scripts to be embedded.

If you just migrated from a lower version of 1.5 then go to our Plugin Settings > General. Click on “Migrate Services” button on bottom. This will move necessary cookies & your integrations into our new GDPR Services automatically.

GDPR Service categories
GDPR Service categories

GDPR Service Categories

The GDPR service categories are displayed on the left side of the Privacy Center and group your services into different categories like Neccessary, Analytics, Marketing etc.

You can create / edit or reorder by drag an drop those categories from the admin panel > GDPR Service Categories.


GDPR Services

A GDPR Service consists of a Name, Reason (Description), a head and maybe also a body script. Furthermore you can set a service to “deactivateable” or as a pixelyoursite service. You should set technical services / cookies to not deactivatble (always allowed). Analytics for example should stay deactiavateable.

Do also not forget to assign your service to a service category, because otherwise they will not appear on the frontend!

WordPress GDPR Services
WordPress GDPR Services

Backend Examples

GDPR Services in backend
GDPR Services in backend
GDPR Service categories in backend
GDPR Service categories in backend

4 thoughts on “Creating GDPR Services & Categories

  1. Kathrin Guttmann says:

    Hi, if I want to assign a category to a service the category is not saved. I make a hook to the category I want assign the service to and after I hit “update” the hook is gone and the service is not assign to that category. I didn´t find any support contact here, so I hope I will get help this way. Best wishes Kathrin

  2. Stefan says:

    Can you please explain what a “pixelyoursite service” is?
    Where to find some info on that?

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