In this article we show you how you can setup our WooCommerce variations show as single products plugin.

Settings Menu

In order to setup the plugin you should be able to see the Single Variations menu under the WooCommerce. If you can not see it, make sure the Redux Framework plugin is installed and activated.

General Settings

In the general settings you can enable or disable our plugin. Furthermore you can hide or show parent products (variable products).If you installed the plugin fresh – make sure you click on INIT Variations button once. This will assign required data to your variation products.

enable WooCommerce show single variations
enable WooCommerce show single variations

Variation Title Settings

You can define a dynamic / automatic variation title in our plugin settings. This will transform the product names into the template, that you defined here.

An example: T-Shirt in Color Grey and Size 40.You can also define a custom variations title when you edit a product in the backend. This could be used for even more SEO power.

change single variations title
change single variations title


If you want to exclude product categories, complete variable products or just single variations you can do this in the exclusion section.

You can also exclude certain attributes (e.g. the size attribute) if you only want to show color variations only.

exclude size attribute to show in single variations
exclude size attribute to show in single variations

24 thoughts on “Setup WooCommerce Show Single Variations

  1. Thomas says:

    No Show the First Variation. Show all in Shoes not so fine. See here and here it eat the “M” on picture 2 and 6 🙂

    It is Possible to fill in the Variation Title automatic in the Field to see and it Direct or change..


  2. adnan says:

    so if I have “Net Weight” as custom attributes should i put like this?

    {Title} – {net-weight} {net-weight-values}

    But this doesn’t work.

  3. Pat says:

    Hi, I just installed the plugin. I did the INIT and enabled the plugin, excluding size attributes and keeping colour attributes for single variations. When I save and enable the plugin the store crashes and I see “the error is: cannot decode raw data (NSURLErrordomain:-1015)”.
    If I disable the plugin, the Store is back, but I would like the plugin to work. Thanks for your help.

  4. Victor says:

    It needs to have an option to show the full size image of the variable. Right now it only has thumbnail which sucks because it looks blurry if you want the image to be bigger.

  5. Larry says:


    Can the plugin handle the seo (page) title as well with a single variation title so that it shows instead of the main product title ?

  6. iloop says:

    Hi, Blocksy theme add a CHOOSE OPTION button on product card , will this work with the product ? I mean will it add the correct “?attribute_p…” in URL ?

  7. ivan says:

    hello, in my case just show the name of the product not the color, i want to show the name of the product and the color

    • Daniel says:

      The title of each variation, that is shown in WooCommerce product listings, can be customized just as you like. So without color of course is possible.

  8. dike chiboka says:

    I just purchased this plugin as part of the woocommerce bundle. My question is this. let’s say I have a variable product, A Camera and a Kit lens, the Simple Product is The Camera. I have created this variable product and in my shop page, i can see how the variable product and simple product is displayed. In the “Additional Information” Tab only grouped attributes of the Camera are shown in both simple and variable product display. how can i apply the lens attributes to display with the Camera when the variable is clicked and only the camera attributes to display when the simple product is selected

  9. Emilio says:


    Can the app show only the pictures of a variation in the gallery section? I show other website but it shows all the pictures for the product.

    I would like to show only the pictures of a variant and if clients click in a other variant color, then show the pictures for this variant

  10. parkison says:

    i install this (single-variations) plugin but not working properly. it is worked in product details i get attribute with title but i can not get attribute with name on category and shop page. how to do.

  11. Alex says:

    I have a problem that products with only 1 variation or attribute are not showing on archive page, if I show parent products then I see them but also see other products twice as they have a parent and variation.
    Do I need to change anything in config?

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