When you work with exclusions you may have seen, that when you click on a single product in your categories, the variation does not autoselect the correct variation. This issue is caused, because when you remove the size attribute for example, then there is no valid variation found on the product page that can be selected.

If you still want to show an auto selected variation with an image there are two options: 

Disable “Remove Term from Permalink” in Exclusion settings

When this option is enabled it will strip out your excluded attributes (e.g. size) from your URL. An example:


You see it strips out the size variation from attribute. When a user visits that page now he has to choose a size and only color is preselected. 


  • User has to select size / does not accidentally buys wrong sizes


  • No variation is found, so no image change / select field change
remove term from permalink setting
remove term from permalink setting

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