Create Ticket Status, Types & Projects

After everything is setup we can create the different status, types & systems / projects. Each of these taxonomies can have it’s own color.

  • Status
    Explanation: the status on what a ticket currently is
    Example: New, Assigned, Solved
  • Type
    Explanation: the ticket type
    Example: Bug, Feature, Question
  • System / Project
    Explanation: The project or System a ticket will be assigned to
    Example: Project 1, Project 2
create ticket priorities
create ticket priorities

These ticket specific terms are available for the user in the frontend later when he wants to create a new ticket.

11 thoughts on “Create Ticket Status, Types & Projects

  1. Khalid El Bouzidi says:

    Thanks Daniel
    Questions :
    – Why can’t I find the history of responses to my clients’ posts in the my posts section of totaldesk?

    – Is there a video or a document that explains the detailed configuration of the plugin? I am not a big development specialist, I have to see everything in detail.

  2. Graham Redfern says:

    Seems great, but I cant see how to change the status of my tickets. I Have 3 status: New, Assigned & Complete. I want to change these easily

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