Setup the Knowledge Base

When you have enabled the knowledge base you should create a page with the shortcode [ knowledge_base columns=”2″ max_faqs=”5″ orderby=”order” order=”DESC”] inside it. After that you can create some topics. FAQ topics helps you and your users to find relating articles more easily.

For each topic you can overwrite the default icon with a custom CSS icon class. In your example we can set the following Font Awesome CSS class:

fa fa-battery-quarter

Boxed Layout

boxed layout knowledge base

List Layout

list layout knowledge base

FAQ Search

A live FAQ search is implemented. This can be rendered directly in the knowledge base, or embedded via a Widget.

faq search


Currently we have 3 Widgets in place for the knowledge base:

  • Dynamic FAQ Articles Widgets
    This widget dynamically fetches the faqs from the current topic, where the user is. If he is in the “Getting Started” topic, he will only see FAQs assigned to this topic. Here you can set an amount of FAQs, the order and orderby.
  • Simple FAQ Articles Widgets
    This widget just fetches all FAQs or, if you set a topic, just the FAQs from the topic. You can order it by the popularity e.g. to show the most viewed FAQs.
  • FAQ Search Widgets
    Live search for your FAQs.
available widgets

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