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All our plugins are WPML compatible. This means, that custom post types as well as the option keys are possible to translate. 

  • Options can be translated using WPML String Translations
  • Custom Post Types can be translated as regular

For ease of use make sure WPML’s new Advanced Translation Editor (ATE) is enabled. This is what we recommend as it facilitates the translation process. 

How to Translate Custom Post Types

To translate custom post types, you simply open up a post in your backend. Then edit and scroll to the bottom. You will find a radio button to make this post, taxonomies and custom fields translatable. Check them to “make translatable” and you can start creating language versions of your custom post types with ease. 

translate custom post types

When using ATE:

  1. Navigate to the post type editing screen
  2. Click on the + icon in the language box corresponding the language you want to translate your content into.
  3. On the ATE screen, click the “Translate automatically” button.
  4. Review the translation to ensure that it is accurate.
  5. Click the “Complete” button to publish the translation. 

How to Translate Admin Options

All admin strings of our plugins can be translated using WPML > string translations. Simply select our domain, e.g. admin_texts_woocommerce_better_compare_options and you will find all keys from our admin panel.

Then click on the flag “plus” icon and start with your translation.s

translate admin options

Please also see WCML and Advanced Translation Editor guides to dig even further information.

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