Install & Setup Strand WooCommerce Theme

After downloading our theme files, unzip it and then open the Theme folder. Install the and and activate the Strand Child theme (a child theme is always recommended to support custom functions later).

After installation you get prompted with a message to install plugins. We have no required plugins except our weLaunch Framework plugin, that is used for auto updates & licensing. After installing weLaunch Framework plugin we recommend to enter your license there. 

When all is correctly installed you should see a new menu item > Theme settings. Settings are devided into multiple subsections:

  1. General Settings (Applied for All pages, may get overwritten)
  2. Page Settings (just post type pages)
  3. Blog Settings (Posts & Archive)
  4. WooCommerce (Products & Categories)
  5. Search
  6. Performance
  7. Security

Instead of using the admin panel settings you can also use the built in WP Live customizer to setup your website.

Strand theme settings
customizer theme settings

General Settings

In the general section you can set your basic stylings, that will be applied through your complete website. Set custom colors, fonts, input field stylings and favicons. 

Moreover you can activate / deactivate all sections of your site:

  1. Callout
  2. Top Bar
  3. Navigation
  4. Header
  5. Breadcrumb
  6. Content
  7. Sidebar
  8. Prefooter
  9. Footer
  10. 404 Pages
general theme settings

If you need a complete own look & feel and want to use e.g. Elementor Site builder, simply turn off Top Bar & Footer. Then in Navigation & PreFooter you can enable to use shortcodes instead and paste your elementor shortcodes there.

Page Settings

Pages are often highly customized via page builders, so by default we disabled the header & breadcrumb settings here.

page type settings

Blog Posts & Archive Settings

Our theme ships with 5 blog archive layouts and multiple post layouts, that you can choose from. Also you can enable or disable sidebar and hide or show all data as you like. 

blog settings

WooCommerce Settings

Same as the blog settings, in WooCommerce settings you can choose from different stylings, style the my account, checkout and cart pages just as you like. 

woocommerce settings

Search Settings

Beside the AJAX search that you can enable here at live search, you can also choose a layout for the search pages and enable what data to show + what post types to search in.

search settings

Performance Settings

Some performance settings can not be controlled by caching plugins, so we built in CDN, font loading and Gutenberg removal built in natively. 

performance settings

When you are 100% happy with your theme turn on “Turn off custom CSS creation”. This will stop building the custom CSS file all the time. 

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