Shortcode to Transform a Variable Product into a Table

Our WooCommerce variations table plugin offers multiple shortcodes, that you can use in single pages.

Single Product Shortcode

The following Shortcode can be used to transform a variable product into a variations table:

[woocommerce_variations_table product="PRODUCT_ID"]

The product parameter expects the ID of the Main Product. You can also leave out the product argument and our plugin uses the current post object:


Multiple Products Shortcode

To show multiple variation products by their ID use the following shortcode:

[woocommerce_variations_table products="PRODUCT_ID1,PRODUCT_ID2,PRODUCT_ID3"]

Category Shortcode

To show all variable products by a category ID use the following shortcode:

[woocommerce_variations_table category="PRODUCT_CATEGORY_ID"]

2 thoughts on “Shortcode to Transform a Variable Product into a Table

  1. Thierry Dupont says:

    I have purchased both plugins: “Quick Order” and “Variation Table”.
    I’m trying to achieve the following, or to at least know if this is possible to achieve with the combination of your plugins:
    Actually my client is selling mostly sandwiches in a sandwich & coffee bar.

    For example, they offer their “Tuna sandwich” in following variables:
    – Size: small / medium / large
    – Bread type: white / brown
    – Additions: with salad & tomato / without salad & tomato

    That’s quite a lot of combinations 🙂
    Now the difficulty is that:
    – for each of these variations a different price is applicable.
    – not all their products have variations. Some are just “plain” simple.

    I’m planning to import all these products, variations and different prices with the WP All Import plugin.
    Now, i guess all i need to know is if it’s possible to do something like this with your plugins? Will i be able to show a relatively simple table (not too long) which allows a user to quickly select the type os sandwich they require and select size, bread type, etc… and place an order for a multitude of different sandwiches?

    Then, a more general question:
    Using your shortcodes, can i create tabs (or accordeon) on my shop page and have each tab show a quick order table for a different category of products? And if so, can a customer place one (!!) order from a mix of products that they picked in several different tabs / tables?

    What i want to avoid at all cost is that it will show a huuuuge table wich is unuseable on smartphones. It has to be user friendly and with the huge list of products and all variations, i’m a little afraid it won’t show nicely on a smartphone….

    Your feedback or a little guidance will be much appreciated!!
    Thank you & have a nice day.


  2. Hernan says:

    I am looking forward to having the same exact question as Thierry answered. I am building a quick order table but I need to add usable variations possibilities to the table (not showing each variation as an individual item but sort it out, let’s say, with a dropdown list.

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