Shortcode to Transform a Variable Product into a Table

Our WooCommerce variations table plugin offers multiple shortcodes, that you can use in single pages.

Single Product Shortcode

The following Shortcode can be used to transform a variable product into a variations table:

[woocommerce_variations_table product="PRODUCT_ID"]

The product parameter expects the ID of the Main Product. You can also leave out the product argument and our plugin uses the current post object:


Multiple Products Shortcode

To show multiple variation products by their ID use the following shortcode:

[woocommerce_variations_table products="PRODUCT_ID1,PRODUCT_ID2,PRODUCT_ID3"]

Category Shortcode

To show all variable products by a category ID use the following shortcode:

[woocommerce_variations_table caategory="PRODUCT_CATEGORY_ID"]

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