Kurzcode zur Umwandlung eines variablen Produkts in eine Tabelle

Our WooCommerce variations table plugin offers multiple shortcodes, that you can use in single pages.


Der folgende Shortcode kann verwendet werden, um ein variables Produkt in eine Variationstabelle umzuwandeln:

[woocommerce_variations_table product="PRODUCT_ID"]

Der Produktparameter erwartet die ID des Hauptprodukts. Sie können auch das Produkt-Argument weglassen und unser Plugin verwendet das aktuelle Post-Objekt:


Kurzcode für mehrere Produkte

Um Produkte mit mehreren Variationen anhand ihrer ID anzuzeigen, verwenden Sie den folgenden Kurzcode:

[woocommerce_variations_table products="PRODUCT_ID1,PRODUCT_ID2,PRODUCT_ID3"]

Kategorie Kurzwahlnummer

Um alle variablen Produkte nach einer Kategorie-ID anzuzeigen, verwenden Sie den folgenden Kurzcode:

[woocommerce_variations_table caategory="PRODUCT_CATEGORY_ID"]

2 Meinungen zu “Kurzcode zur Umwandlung eines variablen Produkts in eine Tabelle

  1. Thierry Dupont sagt:

    I have purchased both plugins: “Quick Order” and “Variation Table”.
    I’m trying to achieve the following, or to at least know if this is possible to achieve with the combination of your plugins:
    Actually my client is selling mostly sandwiches in a sandwich & coffee bar.

    For example, they offer their “Tuna sandwich” in following variables:
    – Size: small / medium / large
    – Bread type: white / brown
    – Additions: with salad & tomato / without salad & tomato

    That’s quite a lot of combinations 🙂
    Now the difficulty is that:
    – for each of these variations a different price is applicable.
    – not all their products have variations. Some are just “plain” simple.

    I’m planning to import all these products, variations and different prices with the WP All Import plugin.
    Now, i guess all i need to know is if it’s possible to do something like this with your plugins? Will i be able to show a relatively simple table (not too long) which allows a user to quickly select the type os sandwich they require and select size, bread type, etc… and place an order for a multitude of different sandwiches?

    Then, a more general question:
    Using your shortcodes, can i create tabs (or accordeon) on my shop page and have each tab show a quick order table for a different category of products? And if so, can a customer place one (!!) order from a mix of products that they picked in several different tabs / tables?

    What i want to avoid at all cost is that it will show a huuuuge table wich is unuseable on smartphones. It has to be user friendly and with the huge list of products and all variations, i’m a little afraid it won’t show nicely on a smartphone….

    Your feedback or a little guidance will be much appreciated!!
    Thank you & have a nice day.


  2. Hernan sagt:

    I am looking forward to having the same exact question as Thierry answered. I am building a quick order table but I need to add usable variations possibilities to the table (not showing each variation as an individual item but sort it out, let’s say, with a dropdown list.

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