Enable PayPal Payment Data Transfer

In order to receive data back from PayPal make sure you return data to the return (success) URL.

See: https://developer.paypal.com/docs/classic/paypal-payments-standard/integration-guide/paymentdatatransfer/ > Activating PDT

You can make sure, that it works, when you see some parameter in your URL like ?txn_id=XXX after a successfull payment.

Available Data from PayPal

The shortcodes for the emails, that can be used are:

  • item_number
  • txn_id
  • payment_gross
  • currency_code
  • payment_status
  • cf7_paypal_unique

Where is the Data stored?

In your database there will be a table called wp_cf7_paypal. Please look if the database table looks like this:

paypal database
paypal database

If not: Drop the table and reactivate the plugin.

Flamingo DB

Entries will be stored in Flamingo DB plugin.

If the flamingo database entry do not get updated, please provide the success URL (after payment) to [email protected]. Also please send WP-Admin & FTP and we will look into your issue 🙂

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