After setting up our WooCommerce Attribute Images plugin you can assign your first image to an attribute. So go to wp-admin > products > attributes. Then you can either create a new attribute or open an existing one. When opening an existing one, click on configure terms. On the bottom of the attribute settings you will find a new Option to set an attribute image.

So set an image, save and then you can go back to your product page to see the result.

Assign Images to WooCommerce Attributes
Assign Images to WooCommerce Attributes

8 thoughts on “Assign Images to WooCommerce Attributes

  1. Seb says:


    i am using your plugin on the enfold theme – cna you please confirm that the “description” above will not be shown by this theme? If yes – is there anything i can do to have the description appear? either as (i) or on mouseover?

    • weLaunch says:

      Hi Seb,

      what do you mean with description will not be shown above? You can set the style in our plugin settings if you want to show the attribute name as a tooltip.

    • weLaunch says:

      Hi Aaron,

      are you sure you have set an attribute image for all variation attributes like small, medium etc?

  2. karen nichols says:

    I have set up attribute images, and on the admin page for the attribute the images are displayed in column where the attributes are listed. However, the attribute images do not display anywhere on the product page. The attribute dropdown is displayed (text only), and the text labels for each attribute are listed under “Additional Information,” but the attribute images do not appear anywhere.

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