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In order to setup the plugin you should be able to see the Attribute Images menu under WooCommerce in your admin panel. If you can not see this menu make sure the Redux Framework plugin is installed and activated.

General Settings

In the general settings part you can enable our plugin, enable the tooltip to show and set if you want to show attribute images in the “additional information” table and in the variations.

WooCommerce attribute images settings
WooCommerce attribute images settings

Category Variation Swatches Settings

If you want to show variation swatches directly in your shop loop you have to enable the feature here. Make sure to adjust the image, price and link selector options to your theme. You can use brows

WooCommerce variation swatches options
WooCommerce variation swatches options

Styling Options

Furthermore you can set some styling options. There you can style the attribute name or value with border color, border radius, image width and more.Next: Set Attribute Images

WooCommerce attribute images styling
WooCommerce attribute images styling

Assign images to attributes

After the setup, you can start assigning images to WooCommerce attribute terms. Simply go to WP-Admin > Products > Attributes. Then configure the term you like e.g. Color. When you now create a new attribute value or edit an existing one you see a field to attach an image. Save and you are done.

attach images to WooCommerce attribute terms
attach images to WooCommerce attribute terms

10 thoughts on “Setup WooCommerce Attribute Images

  1. Steve Raymond says:

    Related to WooCommerce single product page. I have variable products with 4 attributes that currently display as drop down boxes on the single product page. I would like to use a rectangular image for each of the 4 values related to the first attribute (instead of a drop down box), and leave the other 3 attributes as drop down boxes. Ideally I would like the images to display on 2 adjacent rows (2 rectangular images in the top row, and 2 directly below the top row). Is this possible using the Attribute Images plugin?

  2. SImon says:

    Please see the link above.

    The styling for the Image Attributes for example border or size does not work.Non of the Styling seems to work??

    Any solution?

    • WeLaunch says:

      Hi Simon,

      unfortunately we can not see your page as it is under construction. However please make sure the following file is writeable (chmod 0777) > public/css/..custom.css

  3. Dorothy says:

    Hello, I need to add the attribute image to the facetWP Filter, how do I need to call for the image:

    $img = // lookup image for the term_id to create an img tag for output

  4. Dorothy says:

    I need to add an attribute’s image to the FacetWP Sfilter, how do I call for an image please:

    $img = // lookup image for the term_id to create an img tag for output

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