Our WooCommerce wishlist plugin offers 3 shortcodes, that you can use in your WordPress website.

My Wishlists

To show the my wishlist on a page your can use this shortcode:


This will render the wishlist page, where guest or logged in Wishlists & items will be displayed.

Add to Wishlist Button

To show a wishlist button with a shortcode you can use this:

[woocommerce_wishlist_button product="PRODUCT_ID"]

Make sure you set a product ID into the argument of the shortcode. If not it will use the global product object.

Search Publish Wishlists

To show the WooCommerce wishlist search on a page your can use this shortcode:


This will render the public Wishlist Search functionality.

8 thoughts on “WooCommmerce Wishlist Shortcodes

  1. Andrea says:

    Is there any shortcode for the add to wishlist button that’s dynamic?
    I mean, i use elementor pro, hence i have a single product template that applies to all of them, so having to manually write the id of the product won’t be good.
    Kindly let me know, best regards

  2. Michelle Lazor says:

    IF someone purchases an item off of the wishlist, will it be labeled as fulfilled or will it just be removed from the list?

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