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Settings Menu

In order to setup the plugin you should be able to see the Catalog Menu under the WooCommerce menu. If you can not see the Catalog Mode menu make sure the Redux Framework plugin is installed and activated.

General Settings

In the General settings you first should set your wishlist page. If you have not created a wishlist page, create one and insert the shortcode [woocommerce_wishlist] there. Then assign it.

Then you can also create a Wishlist search page, where the shortcode [woocommerce_wishlist_search] should be placed. Furthermore you can enable guest wishlist setting here.

WooCommerce wishlist general settings
WooCommerce wishlist general settings

Button Settings

In the button settings you can enable / disable and configure in which WooCommerce Hook the single product or shop loop button will be placed.

WooCommerce wishlist button configuration
WooCommerce wishlist button configuration

Modal & Popup Options

In the Styling Section of our plugin you can adjust some stylings regarding the modal, that we use for wishlist product adds or new wishlist creation.

If the styles do not work, make sure the following file has a CHMOD 0777: /wp-content/woocommerce-wishlist/public/css/woocommerce-wishlist-custom.css

wishlist styling options
wishlist styling options

Data to Show

The data to show section allows you to enable and disable certain parts of the wishlist content. The following elements are possible:

  • Image
  • Gallery
  • Title
  • Reviews
  • Price
  • SKU
  • Tags
  • Categories
  • Short Description
  • Add to Cart
  • Description
  • Attributes
  • Read More

Furthermore you can enable the wishlist Sharing there and define to what services the sharing should be available.

data to show in WooCommerce wishlists
data to show in WooCommerce wishlists

16 thoughts on “Setup WooCommerce Wishlist Plugin

  1. Krikis says:

    Hi, could you please advise how would be possible to display all products added to wishlist? Currently only 1 product displayed. All the rest possible to see when export to pdf only

      • krikis.lt says:

        Is this should be the same Guest wishlist and for logged in user wishtlist? as currently all products in wishlist visible on for Guests, when create Private, Public, or Shared wishlist only first item visible

  2. Angela says:

    Can you add a “add all products to cart” button from the My Wishlist page instead of adding them individually?

  3. James Kennedy says:

    I am interested in giving users the ability to sort the wishlist. Can you offer a custom quote. Also the above request: Can you add a “add all products to cart” button from the My Wishlist page instead of adding them individual. Can the admin download pdfs of wishlists and shopping cart orders? If not then the wishlist should remain so after the order we can create a pdf.

  4. Vikash says:

    The Wishlist export pdf/csv option not showing for guest users on website. It is showing only for loggedin users. Could you please advice how I can enable it for guest users as well.

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