If you have enabled to create PDF Invoices automatically for all order in WooCommerce you or the customer can see & download them in the following ways:

Orders Overview

In WP-Admin > Order > Overview you can download invoices and packing slips directly. Furthermore you can bulk download multiple invoices.


download invoice from WooCommerce orders overview
download invoice from WooCommerce orders overview

For each order you will see a small icon on right actions column > download invoice.

Single Order

In WP-Admin > Order > Single Order you can view and download invoices. Invoice PDFs or packing slips can also be created manually or updated.

single order download invoice
single order download invoice

My Account & Thank you

Customers can see invoices in order details or thank you page. From there your customers can download their invoice from the single order details page or the thank you page, that comes after complete checkout.

download invoice in woocommerce my account
download invoice in woocommerce my account

40 thoughts on “View or Create WooCommerce PDF Invoices

  1. Erik Balster says:

    Hi Guys,

    The plugin creates a pdf invoice even when the order is cancelled. I only want the invoice created when the order is completed. Otherwise the invoice numbers are not right.

    Is this possible?

  2. Chuck Stecz says:

    My products have a bunch of variations and add ons. So much so that 1 item can take up an entire invoice page due to the fact that the variation titles are listed on one line and the variation selection on another line. My first invoice had an item with 12 variations (add ons) that took up the entire first invoice page. Can you give me some guidance on how to customize the layout of the actual content to get the variation title and variation selection to print on the same line?

  3. Harm Roelofs says:

    Hello, plugin works fine! I just changed my Woocommerce orders with a start of number 1 /2/3 etc… to make it clear, but in the PDF the old order id stays on order number like instead of #1 it is #448. Is there a shortcode/prefix to change this? Kind regards

  4. John says:

    Hi Please could you let me know if multiple PDF invoices cane be generated depending on the product selected. I need to have a completely different configured Invoice for each product and not the same one everytime?

  5. Damien says:

    I bought you plugin but i have already a lot of orders active and finished. How can i create with bulk automatically invoices for these orders ?
    Thank you

  6. Michele D. says:

    Hi, the generation of the invoice, when it is manual, is it not possible to do it from Order Overview?
    Is it possible to do it only as from the single order page?

  7. Jackson Monichan says:


    How can we reset the invoice number for the plugin

    Please help with step by step process
    Even if I delete the plugin and install it back, it continues with the same invoice number which was there last time before uninstalling.

    Please help

  8. martynas says:


    I am switching PDF invoice plugins and I need to start invoice number from 14. How can this be done?

  9. Imran says:

    Is there a way to display Download invoice on thank you page using shortcode?
    I’m using a different checkout flow so would be great to add in the download link if a shortcode was available.
    PLease advise Thanks

  10. Alex says:

    Need to also generate proforma invoices (i.e. none/different numbering sequence than proper invoices), but can’t figure out if that’s supported? Thanks.

  11. Abdul Ahad says:

    Hi, In this plugin we have the option to manually create PDF INVOICE? Because one of my clients have both online and offline shop. He wants to generate an offline invoice through the backend. Is that possible?

  12. i-visio says:

    Hi, I encounter a problem with the creation of invoices for certain orders. All these commands are validated.
    I was able to create the invoices for orders 1 to 10 and 12 to 20.
    I cannot create the invoice connrespond to order 11.
    And therefore, the invoice numbers change from n° 10 (for order 10) to 11 for order 12.
    1] Can we automatically create invoices with each “completed” order
    2] If yes, how
    3] How can I create an invoice for order 11 (in my example).

    Thanks for your extension and your help

    • Daniel says:

      Yes our plugin allows to create invoices automatically only when a set status is reached (e.g. completed). For plugin support please submit a ticket.

  13. Raul says:

    Hi, how can i restar the invoice number because of the new year? I need to set 1 as starting number from now. If i click in “Regenerate invoice numbers” and set 1 as “star number”, doesnt work. Can you help me?

  14. George says:

    I had also deposits in my invoice, however, when I updated, I lost this Total field. Is there way to bring them back?

  15. Marcelo says:

    I am looking at the plugin.
    But I see that the invoice shows the complete product with its variation.
    Would it be possible to only show the title of the product, so that it does not occupy so many lines?
    Thank you

  16. Hesham says:

    I’m using this plugin and have 2 languages in my website ( Arabic & English) and the default language is Arabic but the admin language in English. so my issue is when creating invoice everything got fine except the product name appears in Arabic language, how to make it showing in English name in the invoice same as showing in my order page in the admin ???

  17. Konstantinos says:

    Hello, we already have other plugin for pdf invoicing. We would like to switch to your plugin. Is it possible to start numbering from different number than 1? Because we would like to continue the numbering for the invoices from the previous.

  18. Rosh says:

    Hi, customers are using a coupon code to purchase items on the site. How do I display the coupon codes on the packing slip and invoice under the invoice number. What’s this data field for? {{coupon_lines}}

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