Google will shutdown the legacy Firebase FCM and replace it with their new more secure HTTP 1 Method. You can find an official Firebase cloud messaging HTTP1 upgrade guide here. The old method will be shut down in 2024.

However in order to keep our web push messaging plugin for WordPress up and running you need to change the configuration. Please follow these simple steps:

  1. Download & Install latest version 1.4.0
  2. Go to:
  3. Open your project
  4. Click on the gear icon on top left to open project settings
  5. Go to service accounts
  6. Click on generate new private key, confirm and download the JSON file
firebase generate private key
firebase generate private key
  1. Go to our plugin settings
  2. Open firebase credentials section
  3. Now upload the JSON file into the first setting option
    You may need to allow json files to be uploaded.
  4. Done. That is it. The new method is also capable of sending more messages than before.
wordpress upload firebase json file
wordpress upload firebase json file

Note: When you do not change this, fire push will no longer send notifications after June 2024.

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