Our plugin uses Googles Firebase Messaging Service to send background notifications. You will need to setup a free account on their service to use our plugin and here we explain how you can do it.

Add a new Project

Visit this link: https://console.firebase.google.com/

create firebase project

Then click on add proejct and follow the setup steps.

Create Web App

After adding the project you will get to the dashboard. From here click on the top left gear icon > project settings:

Then click on the bottom the 3rd (the code icon). 

Then register a new app and you will get all the access details.

web project access details

Create a Realtime Database

In order to get a database URL which is required for our plugin you have to create a realtime database in firebase.

firebase - create realtime database

Click on Realtime Database and then click on the button “Create Database”.

setup a firebase database

Chose a datababase location and then security roles. You can start by using locked mode. 

copy database url

That is it. The database is created and you can copy the reference URL into our plugin settings.

DEPRECATED: Get Firebase Server Key

The server key is no longer needed or valid and will not work after 2024. Use the JSON config.

To get the firebase upgraded JSON file, see here.

The server key is needed to send notifications to Google’s Server. Click on the gear icon on top left and then on settings.

Get Server Key

Then click on the “Cloud Messaging”-Tab, where you can see your server key. Copy it also to the temporary file and you are done.Next: Setup the Plugin

Copy Firebase Server Key

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