There are 2 ticket system shortcodes:

1. My Tickets Shortcode:

[my_tickets orderby="date" order="DESC"]


  • Order By
  • Order

2. New Ticket Shortcode:

[new_ticket type="Simple|WooCommerce|Envato" types="" departments="" priorities=""]


  • Type (Simple, WooCommerce, Envato)
  • Pre Selected types, departments, priorities

5 thoughts on “Ticket System Shortcodes

  1. Murray Chapman says:

    It would be great if there were some examples of how to fill in the types, departments and priorities. I cannot get the shortcode to display the extra fields and there is nothing in this page that explains how to display them. Ideally, a video walkthrough would be great.

  2. Vincent says:

    The shortcodes don’t work on my site. No form shows up on the front page but the shortcode itself. What should I do?

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