In order to support custom template builder like Elementor we added a shortcode for the enquiry button on single product / loop pages.



  • Type
    • loopProductPageButton
    • loopCustomURLButton
    • loopEnquiryForm (Loop Enquiry Button)
    • enquiryButton (default)
    • singleProductCustomURLButton

Example with parameter

[woocommerce_catalog_mode_button type="loopEnquiryForm]

1 thoughts on “Shortcodes for WooCommerce Catalog Mode plugin

  1. Sharjeel says:

    Hello, I want to show the Inquiry Button into my products loop boxes first of all it’s needs to show from the setting but it’s not showing Inquiry Button and from the popup. Anyway, I use this shortcode like this “do_shortcode(‘[woocommerce_catalog_mode_button=”loopEnquiryForm”]’);” And add a “add_filter” method to add a new button but it’s showing only Inquiry button not From popup because I can see when I inspect the element I am not able to see a popup form code into our footer. Can you please let me know how we can show the Inquiry Button and form as we are showing on the product single page I want to show the same button and form for product loop boxes like you hove your demo website I am not able to see any option that can show Inquiry button for products loop boxes as well please let me know. Thank You

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