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Settings Menu

In order to setup the plugin you should be able to see the Catalog Menu under the WooCommerce menu. If you can not see the Catalog Mode menu make sure the Redux Framework plugin is installed and activated.

General Settings

In the General settings you of course should enable the plugin itself. After this you should enable if you want to remove the add to cart button, the prices or both. Moreover you can set a custom “free text price” like available in store.

If you totally want to get rid of the Shop functionality you should enable the “Redirect Cart / Checkout page”. If you only want customers to not see prices for example you can use the apply  for users settings.

enable wooocommerce catalog mode to remove price and add to cart
enable wooocommerce catalog mode to remove price and add to cart

Enquiry Cart

With our plugin you have the opportunity to use the default WooCommerce add to cart functionality as an enquiry cart. You can enable this feature in plugin settings. Make sure that products:

  1. Have a price (you can set 0 if there is no price)
  2. Uncheck “Remove add to Cart” in general settings

In order to send and receive enquiry cart items, you need to create a form. We use CF7 forms for example with the “products” name field. You can change the field name in plugin settings. Here is an example CF7 form:

<p>Your Name*<br />
    [text* your-name] </p>

<p>Your E-Mail*<br />
    [email* your-email] </p>

<p>Subject*<br />
    [text* your-subject]</p>

<p>Products*<br />
    [textarea* products]</p>

<p>Your Message<br />
    [text your-message] </p>

<p>[submit "Send"]</p>
woocommerce enquiry cart
woocommerce enquiry cart

Product Category settings

In the loop of the product categories you can modify the loop button by changing the button text and settings custom button action (go to product page / open custom link e.g. contact form page directly). You can also show send enquiry button directly in the shop loop.

show send enquiry button in shop loop
show send enquiry button in shop loop

Single Product Pages

For the single product pages you can enable and configure the custom button. In example you can set a button text like “Send Enquiry”, choose a button position where the button should appear or set the button action (open enquiry modal / go to a custom URL e.g. contact form page).

If you choose the enquiry modal to open you can set an enquiry title, position and add anything inside the enquiry modal like a CF7 Shortcode. Any other shortcodes or even a custom HTML-form works here too.

If you choose a CF7 Shortcode, you can take advantage of the special mail tags. To pass over product data by default our plugin looks for the following input field names:

  • product
  • sku

Of course you can change these selectors in plugin settings. An example CF7 Enquiry Contact Form looks like this:

<p>Your Name*<br />
    [text* your-name] </p>

<p>Your E-Mail*<br />
    [email* your-email] </p>

<p>Subject*<br />
    [text* your-subject]</p>

<p style="width: 45%; float: left;>Product*<br />
    [text* product]</p>

<p style="width: 50%; float: left; margin-left:5%;>SKU*<br />
    [text* sku]</p>

<p>Your Message<br />
    [textarea your-message 40x5] </p>

<p>[submit "Send"]</p>
single product enquiry modal
single product enquiry modal

Product Variations

Product variations can be displayed in two different versions: Dropdown (left) or Table (right). If you choose table you can also set what variation data you want to show (image, sku, title).

catalog mode variation support
catalog mode variation support

Exclusions & Inclusions

If you want to exclude specific categories or products you can use the settings below. You can also revert the excludes into includes, so that only the selected products are effected by the catalog mode.

Beside the category and product exclusions you can also exclude multiple countries.

exclude product categories or products from catalog mode
exclude product categories or products from catalog mode

User Role Limitations

You can apply catalog mode only to logged in or logged out users. Also you can exclude certain user roles.

apply catalog mode only to certain users
apply catalog mode only to certain users

Advanced Options

In the advanced settings panel you can add some custom CSS or custom JS if you want.

An example when the modal background is in front of the enquiry form:

.modal-backdrop.fade.in {
display: none !important;

Debug Options

Hard Remove Price
This will add CSS to hide the price !important. Please only enable when your theme still shows prices.

Hard Remove Add to Cart
This will add CSS to hide the button using !important. Please only enable when your theme still shows the add to cart button.

Don’t load Bootstrap
This will deactivate the load of bootstrap.js. Used for some themes that are using it to avoid conflicts.

hard remove price or add to cart
hard remove price or add to cart

15 thoughts on “Setup the Catalog Mode

  1. Mario says:

    I purchased your plugin yesterday, but although I followed the installation and configuration guide steps step by step, WooCommerce still shows both the “add to cart” button and the price.
    I’m getting crazy!
    I checked the system requirements (they are ok) and although I also activated the “hard” options in the debug section, but nothing changes.

  2. Riccardo Zanon says:

    Hi, I have installed WooCommerce Catalog Mode and WooCommerce, but when I install Redux Framework something goes wrong and I got a ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS error, can hyou help me?

  3. Riccardo Zanon says:

    Hi, I only have 2 plugins activated, yours and Woocommerce, As soon as I also activate Redux Framework I get the “ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS” error. I am using Divi as theme. Any ideas? Otherwise I cannot use the plugin I paid for.

  4. Alexsandro Caslop says:

    The plugin is simply not working.
    he activates the budget button on the product and removes the add to cart, but when I try to close the order, I click on the cart and nothing happens and even worse is that the form appears blank.

  5. Max says:

    I bought this plugin through Envato but I have some problem with the settings in Cart.

    The contact popup for Single or Variations Products works good but not the one in Cart.
    The pop up doesn’t appear. I Created a new Contact Module with these parameters

    Your Name*
    [text* your-name]
    Your E-Mail*
    [email* your-email]
    [text* your-subject]
    [textarea* products]
    Your Message
    [text your-message]
    [submit “Send”]

    but nothing happens. Can you help me?
    The test site is at this url : http://www.bitalls.com/ww2/damarco/negozio/


  6. Carlos Henrique says:

    Hello, I installed the plugin and I am configuring it with Divi. I’m building a custom product page with the custom post type, but the enquiry button is at the top of the page. Can I put it in a specific place on the page with a shortcode?

  7. Mark Ferguson says:

    Is there a way in which the product information can be passed as HTML and not into a textarea field? I am using a multistep process which has variations and styling this is impossible via a textarea as the content appears as one long string.

  8. Trust Work says:

    I purchased this plugin and shows unexpected behavior in one situation. I want to hide SKU on Product details page. When I hide SKU the Enquiry form button also disappears. Any solution?

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