To configure the plugin you need to go into your Admin Panel > WooCommerce > Variations Table menu item. If you do not see this item, make sure you have the Redux Framework plugin installed.

General Variations Table Settings

In the general settings tab you can enable or disable the plugin. Furthermore you can choose if you want to remove the default variation select and add to cart fields.

enable woocommerce variations table plugin
enable woocommerce variations table plugin

Table Settings

In the “Variation Table”-Section you can configure the table. Here you can set a title for the variables table, set a position of the table and enable / disable / reorder the data fields.

Furthermore you can enable the DataTables option. This allows you to enable sorting, filtering, searching and more for your variations table. Here you can also specify what Export Buttons you want to show (csv, excel, print, copy etc.).

configure variation table data you want to show
configure variation table data you want to show

In- and Exclusions

In the exclusions tab you can exclude complete product categories or single products from the variations table. You can also revert the exclusion to make it an inclusion.

exclude products or categories in variations table
exclude products or categories in variations table

Limit Access

Here you can limit the access / show the tables only to specific user roles for example.

limit access to variations table
limit access to variations table


To implement our variations table into custom pages, custom product layout builder or similar you can use our shortcode:

[woocommerce_variations_table product="ID1" products="ID1,ID2" category="CATEGORY_ID"]

16 thoughts on “Setup the WooCommerce Variations Table Plugin

  1. Kiyoshi Tsuji says:

    WooCommerce Variations Table
    Purchase code: 3de51bb8-bd57-4b2b-be8a-59aef9b1d99c



    After activating “Variations Table”, we can not see the test site with chrome.
    (400 Bad Request / Request Header Or Cookie Too Large)
    In Firefox I can see the site without problems.

    Also, there was a problem that products without inventory using “Variations Table” entered the cart.

    Other problems:
    If you deactivate “Variations Table”, all of these standard WooCommerce plugins will be displayed correctly.

    -WooCommerce Points and Rewards(woocommerce)
    -WooCommerce Waitlist(woocommerce)
    -WooCommerce WishLists(woocommerce)
    -Beeketing For WooCommerce(Third party:Beeketing)

    Is it possible to fix these problems?

    Best regards,

    • WeLaunch says:

      Hi there,

      1) The 400 Error should be fixed by increasing the “large_client_header_buffers” Variable in nginx. See here

      2) Regarding the other plugins > go to our plugin settings. Then uncheck “Remove default variations”. This will bring back the WooCore standard functionalities.

  2. Mulli says:

    I am using latest versions WP, WOO, OceanWP (theme) as of Nov, 3, 2018
    The section: IN- AND EXCLUSIONS is completely missing from admin panel
    There is only “Limitations” entry for user roles.

    My MAIN concern – plugin display main product BUT NO variations!

  3. claudio tropeano says:

    Hi, i’m trying to add an image banner in category page (it should be in archive-product.php template).
    Unfortunately it seems your plugin overwrite it somewhere. How can i cusomize my theme? It is quite annoying honestly.

  4. Massimiliano Nota says:

    Hi, i have a problem with your plugin, when i change a quantity on the table or in the main product quantity selector it changes for every product, can you suggest me something? thanks

      • Massimiliano Nota says:

        could it be we are using the envato elements version and not the codecanyon one?
        the theme is a standard oceanwp theme, i’ll try to change some theme settings and see what happens

      • Massimiliano Nota says:

        Could be that we are using the envato elements version and not the codecanyon? (probably more updated?) as theme we are using a standard oceanwp, i’ll try to play with theme settings 😉

  5. webricks says:

    Thanks for the great plugin!

    I have one questions: What is the difference between the variation data fields
    “Multiple QT Add” and just “Quantity” and when should I use which one?

    Thanks in advance!

    Kind regards,

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