Buying Guide Settings Menu

Some global settings can be found in the settings menu under Buying Guides > Settings. If you can not see the menu item, make sure you have installed the Redux Framework plugin.

General Settings

  • Enable the plugin
  • Enable Live Filter
    Try live filtering. This may causes some trouble with themes. If so you have to deactivate it.
  • Filter after Choice
    Filters products directly after a choice was made
  • Remove Pagination
    Important for the Live Filtering, because live filter do not work with pagination
  • Maximum Questions
    Maximum Questions per Buying Guide. The lesser
  • Maximum Choices
    Maximum Choices per Buying Guide. The lesser, the more performance!
  • Show in parent Cats
    Show Buying Guides automatically in the parent categories.
  • Set a custom success and error text
general woocommerce buying guide options
general woocommerce buying guide options

Style Settings

  • Accent Background color
    E.g. used for modal Background
  • Accent Text color
    E.g. used for Modal text color
style buying guides
style buying guides

Advanced Settings

  • Add some custom CSS
  • Do not load Bootstrap

Usage / Shortcode

Learn how to create your first WooCommerce buying guide. After that you can also use a shortcode to embed the guide on a certain page:

[woocommerce_buying_guide id="X" order="ASC" orderby="date"]

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