When you have installed the plugin you will see 4 new setting menus below the WooCommerce Menu in the left sidebar.

  • Buying Guides
  • New Buying Guide
  • Categories
  • Settings

The menu all buying guides shows you an overview of all your buying guides. From there, or from the admin menu, you can start creating your first buying guide.

Creating a Buying Guide

When you create a buying guide you have to go through the following steps

Step 1 – Set Buying Guide Descriptions

  • Set a Name
  • Set a Description
  • Assign it to a product category (right sidebar)
create a woocommerce buying guide
create a woocommerce buying guide

Step 2 – Setup General Information

In the general settings of each buying guide you can set a style (Text, Image or Modal) how the guide should appear (see below). Then you can set the progress style (breadcrumb or progress bar).

Next step is to set the position of the Buying Guide – if “After category description” for example does not work, then try another position. Problems with the position most of the time occur, because the Theme is not 100% WooCommerce compliant.

Enabling choices made will show your users the choices he has made at the end of the guide. Show on shop page will this current buying guide on the General WooCommerce Shop Page.

guided selling general options
guided selling general options

Step 3 – Create questions

Start creating your questions by setting the question itself. Then add a breadcrumb (important if you use progress breadcrumb style), create an intro text and a tooltip for your question if you want. Then you can enable a “Skip Choice” option and set a custom text for this.

If you select an WooCommerce Attribute as choices, this will disallow creating choices manually (see below).

Step 4 – Create Choices

If you do not want to create choices automatically from your WooCommerce attributes you can set them individually.

woocommerce question and choices
woocommerce question and choices

Step 5 – Create a Choice manually

A choice consists of a name & assigned products. Lets say you have a question “Color?”, then you set your first choice to “Black” (or whatever color) and assign all black products to this choice.

Furthermore you can set a custom choice icon and tooltip if you like.

17 thoughts on “Create a WooCommerce Buying Guide

  1. Lemke says:

    How do you create a follow up question? If they go for choice #2. then can you add follow up questions under choice #2 to narrow down the product selection?

  2. Lemke says:

    My first question has 5 Choices.
    I would like to narrow down the products by adding more questions to EACH choice.
    How do i do this?
    Currently when I add the 2nd question; choice #1 & #2 are automatically allocated to [choice# 1 at Question 1] and Choice #3 to [choice #2 at question 1].
    How do i direct what question goes under what choice? to make it a funnel question process that narrows down the product with each question.

  3. Jerry van Gerven says:

    Hello, Lets say I have 10 products to match a question. It only shows 6 products max. on the frontend. Is there a setting i’ve missed for this?

  4. Brett says:

    Is it possible when using Choices by Attibute, and the Style is set to Image, that the image actually comes from the image on the Attribute? The only way i can it to work is by using a text style, but then we loose the lovely image driven functionality. Creating the choices manually is not possible, as we have over 100 different products.

    • Daniel says:

      By default WooCommece attribute values do not support showing an image so I assume you are using a 3rd party plugin. For adding support on this we need to customize that feature on charge. Contact us at [email protected] including your request for a quote.

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